Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Marissy's solo blog

hey peoples I made a solo blog click the link  I'm still doing comedy theurgists but now i'm working on 2 blogs kay? Cya! XD

~Marissy Petal~

Monday, November 15, 2010

Planning to change the link

hai people Marissy here! I was thinking of putting the link  because if Cass left this blog I don't wanna waste her money and it might take a while for my dad to get back the amount of money he had before he got robbed >.< I will try to keep blogging and I will try to keep doing podcasts my mom is gonna buy me a laptop and I'm gonna make sure there's a working mic with it k? cya

~Marissy Petal~

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What's up and what's new

Hey! Marissy here! have you bought the new gift card? talk about AWE-SOME! I havent boughted yet but I saw the gifts. especially the castle it costs $39 at gamestop. and also they're giving out a commerative statue that kinda creeps me out and also those people who served or serving our country are AWESOME and like sha >.< ok cya

~Marissy Petal~

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloweeneth

Hola personas! Marissy here! Happy Halloween! What are you gonna dress up as? don't ask meh because I'm going as NOTHING! :D seee how special I am >.< XD today I went to the zoo and walked for probably 4 hours. so now mah feet hurt and I spent most of the day talking to my boyfriend XD but bleh online I'll dress up but not irl so yah bye

~Marissy Petal~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saving Crab Alley Protest Party

Yo everybody! Its mah Marissy! So yea  I really wanna save Crab Alley. I know what your thinking the lazy theurgist is gonna start working again. :P yesh i am lazy because i got it from my dad so DONT JUDGE MEH O_O and also Hannah Storm aka The Quiet Diviner liked my idea if saving Crab Alley so now Hannah and I are the offical leaders of Save Crab Alley protest this Tuesday we're gonna protest on Crab Alley on 8PM Eastern, 7PM Central realm Vampire area 1 Hannah and I both we see some bloggers helping us out even thought the Selena quest will be over doesn't mean Crab Alley should disappear we could make it into a hang out spot like the commons because srsly it won't be fair that members can go to underwater areas in Celestia and nonmembers just stay on dry land don't you think we should do a spot FAIR for both members and nonmembers and btw the commons dont count people need a cool hang out and not like commons, ravenwood type so Crab Alley should be a hangout for both members and nonmembers even plus that place is so cool every 5 minutes you'll probably see an underwater party if ya wana like our facebook fan page search Like To Save Crab Alley I sent a letter to Kingsisle and they said they'll think about it but I know that they'll probably take away Crab Alley so Hannah, me and all the rest of the people who want to save Crab Alley will keep protesting until we save Crab Alley so Like our page and join our awesome party :D

~Marissy Petal~

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cassandras New Blog!!

Hello People! I have decided to start a solo blog! All about me and my perspective of the game :) So check it out now and see my views and opinions straight from england :D

-Cassandra Lifecaster

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Webcast 12 live this afternoon!

Hai guys Marissy here now we're going to webcast 12 this afternoon today Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 1 PM Eastern and 12 PM Central and if you don't live in these areas then you can do the math :P So yah we're gonna get some bloggers in, talk about Celestia, Crab Alley, and all that cwap. *NOTE* This is the LAST podcast before the new way to do podcasts on Saturday nights every 15 days. So yah see you guys this afternoon (my mom is in a rush) BBBBYYYYYYEEEEE

~Marissy Petal~

Checking up wit Marissy

Hai peoplez! Marissy here! I'm just here listening to Ravenwood Radio episodes I miss on my ipod (yea I'm a Ravenwood Radio fan on the GO) So yah I have been on the test realm but not on my original account because I got no membership so my big sis (online) let me use her account I gave her a long time ago on the test realm and btw TALK ABOUT AWESOME! While I was on my sis's main I ran into mah bff Destiny and I ran into Fallon Deathslinger after I ran into Destiny :P and btw I have been busy with real life. Spending time with my boyfriend ;), hispanic night, raining french fries O_O now tomorrow I'm going to try to do a Hispanic Heritage Comedy Theurgists Podcast since my dad left me with his laptop and I just need to connect the cable box from my mom's computer to my dad's I'll see if Cassandry would join me too and btw I AM NOT BRITISH CASSANDRY IS I AM HALF CUBAN, HISPANIC AMERICAN, HISPANICA AMERICANA and btw Hannah was updating her blog and she was looking at one of Mary's posts (The Pie Loving Necromancer) and we were discussing about Mary's post about Crab Alley. I'm gonna try to ask Kingsisle if they're planning to take away Crab Alley or not. So yah and btw to do podcasts its gonna be on a selected saturday night after every 15 days no other choice sorry :( so yah if Cassandry joins tomorrow's podcast then I might teach her spanish XD ok so yah cya

~Marissy Petal~

Monday, October 11, 2010

Lalalal..... Hello Blogging WORLD!

Yes Cassandra is back for a little while. AND GUESS WHAT!! CELESTIA IS OUT IN THE TEST REALM!! TOTAL SCHOCK HORROR!!! GAH!!! And yes I have been and seen O: And its Fantastic!!!.....

-swims around gloating on my shark called bruce - "Fish are friends Not Food" - Bruce .... YES MY SHARK SAID THAT.....Hes Like Kinda WELL AWESOME!!!

So anyways I took a quite few pics of me on the awesome new mounts but I was so caught up with Celestia I actually forgot to take some pictures. So I promise I will re edit this post and add some screenshots for them few who haven't gotten a sneak peek!


Okay so you guys must be like OMG!! CASS IS BACK!! (your probly not but no harm in trying) Well like when I logged into skype I had nothing but +1000 comments about unrelated stuff and also more than a dozen comments saying CASSANDrA YOUR HERE AHHH!!! Lol I felt missed. Now for the awesome mounts that I happily owned in the test realm :) (sorry for being gone for a while)

Aww well I do love horse riding.

Me Rinding Zookee (thats what I named her)

Zookee was so lonely by herself before I found her. Look at the other sea horses with their owners mocking her! Just Mean!

Wee its um a TURTLE!!

I have been swimming with these.

I have swam and ate this O:


Yum Lobster Dipped In Butter.

- From The One And Only Cassandra Lifecaster

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Changes in the podcasts

Hey everybody! Marissy here! I need to make some changes to the podcasts like to change it on saturday once every 2 weeks at night. the reason why is I can't tell you guys but I am close to bursting into tears :(
but I promise I'll do my best to keep the blog alive only I have been busy with school, choir, and everything

~Marissy Petal~

Friday, October 01, 2010

Have been busy lately

Hai guys! its meh Marissy yea sry about no posting, no logging on Wizard101. only I have been busy with school, reading, new future boyfriend EEEEEEEPPPP I know! :D, choir, Hannah's show and all that BLEH
since 7th grade isn't no 6th grade I have to have my head exploding but I'm NOT gonna leave for the school year even plus I always do my homework ahead of time so :P only I'm reading this book and i need like what 50 something stories left, I have choir, I am practicing on my music which means I'll be playing guitar, and I'll be singing also I think my crush and I are already dating without me knowing >.< and also I'm one of the main actresses on Hannah's show so yah I'm gonna be pretty much busy and btw I'm gonna do some podcasts soon with my mr crush :D IF he isnt too lazy to actually TALK on the podcast >.< so yah i gtg so cya

~Marissy Petal~

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hai Marissy here! So err yea sry for no posting :/ and also my dad got his laptop back but his internet box crashed so no podcasts for a while. When he gets internet I promise I'll do a podcast the minute that I hear the internet is back up. Also since The Quiet Diviner aka Hannah Storm has a youtube and she made a new show. Guess who's one of the actors and actresses on her show. Yup your lookin at her XD I play myself so :P also I have taken a BILLION pictures of me in Crab Alley.
so uh yea I'm gonna go to Burger King so cya
~Marissy Petal~

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Selena Gomez has come to the Spiral

Hey guys! Marissy here, yea yea I'm sry for no posts :P I have been busy trying to get a boy I have my eyes on irl :) hehe XD
So um Sel came to the test reaolm so the other night I went to save her I suggest they should put some mordern songs into the game instead of almost everybody muting their game and go to youtube and all that.
I copy and pasted this from Hannah's blog (with permission)
Selena Gomez & The Scene here -
I need your help in Wizard101!
In late September, Halston Balestrom
will have the quest "Round & Round"
for all Wizards level 6 or higher.
Watch this video to hear about
the quest and my new album
"A Year Without Rain" featuring
the songs Round & Round and A Year
Without Rain available everywhere
Sept. 21st. Be sure to check out
the YouTube and iTunes links below,
and enter the contest to win
a poster signed by me!
See you in the Spiral!
"Help me! I don’t know who you are, but you’re my only hope!"

Do you want to help me find my way in Wizard101? Here is more information about the quest created just for me, Selena Gomez!

Make sure you are at least level 6 in Wizard101 before you begin your adventure. You've got some time to get to level 6 before my quest is available on the Live Game in late September.

Follow the advice of my friends to find out how you can help! Remember there is a limited time to complete these quests, and then they will be gone from the Spiral forever!

Step 1:You must reach level 6 before you can help!

Step 2:I'm Professor Halston Balestrom, the Storm School teacher.
As soon as you're level 6 or more, come see me in Ravenwood, there's a most urgent matter for which I require your assistance.

Srep 3:I'm Harold Argleston, the Wizard City Librarian.
After you've spoken to Halston Balestrom, he will send you to see me in the Ravenwood Commons Library. I can tell you more about Crab Alley!

Discover the rest of the story!:That's all the help I can give you, the rest you must discover for yourself! Remember, you can help me after you're level 6, and after this quest is available in the Live Game in late September! See you in the Spiral!

Quest rewards:As a thank you for helping me with my adventures in the Spiral, this quest will reward you with two housing items! One is a portrait to hang on your wall, and the other is a statue!
Both of these items can only be obtained through the completion of my quest, and the quest won't be in the Spiral forever so hurry and finish these quests on the Live game when they are released in late September!
Hannah won't be happy when she finds out that the crabs put Sel in the Ice School XD
btw the dancing crabs....... CREEPY
I'm trying to crop the picture I took of me and Sel dancing with the crabs behind us only my computer is being messed up cya! ~Marissy Petal~

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Goodbye summer, hello school :(

Hey guys Marissy here well for most of you school already started for those who's school didnt start then your so LUCKY school started for meh but the bright side I'm in the same class as all my bffs and meh crush also since my mom signed meh up for choir (practicing my singing, acting, and drawing this year) meh crush is planning to join choir :D

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Drawing Comedy Theurgist!

Heya! Marissy here! Ok i bet you guys probably hate meh that I missed cassandry's leaving party :( I had NO idea I got addicted to youtube and all that stuff. :( I guess I'll have to do solo for the school year. But I'll invite some bloggers and my real life friends to help me on the podcasts. Anyways I spent the summer drawing some posters for the school and I wanna show them to you guys

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Saviors Of The Spiral Webshow!!

It looks like Amber Rosepetal from "A Savior Of A Spiral" and Mary Dreamshade from "Pie Loving Necromancer" have teamed up to create a webshow named. The Saviors Of The Spiral, which sounds pretty awesome. Here is the official post from Ambers blog:

Okay guys the Webshow will be at!:

8:00 pm Eastern
7:00 pm Central
6:00 pm Mountain
5:00 pm Pacific
1:00 am England (WOAH CASSANDRA)

So... Be there to listen at:
Mary might have some mic problems but who cares.We can use the telephone :D
Well, i gotta go. Bye

-Cassandra Lifecaster

My Leaving Party!!

Okay I just announced yesterday that I was leaving and all of a sudden I was shocked to see that Amber RosePetal, Donna SpellThorn and Cassandra GriffinDreamer had organised a Surprise party for me!! I was completely unaware of this and they had told me that they were doing up Donna's house for her friends birthday party and that she wanted me to come visit her to just have a chat so I logged on in the game to meet up with her and was blown away with all these wizards there shouting surprise I literally went into shock and just couldn't believe that they did all this for me. And to top it all off SHE MADE A STATUE OF ME!!! I mean seriously a statue of me I actually faint because it looked spitting image of me!! (I should of taken a picture) Lol I was too busy enjoying myself to take some pictures it was that great. And everyone was giving toasts and I personally gave a toast giving thanks to all the wonderful people that had arrived and especially to them 3 who made this happened. It was truly a night to remember. So thank you guys for the great party it just shows what great friends you are :)

 Luckily I took some pictures in the after party of the party when it was just a few of us left :)
Its a shame that Marissa, couldn't of attended but oh well I had fun and I am sure everyone else did too.

-Cassandra Lifecaster

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Leaving Wizard101 When School Starts!!!

Possibly But Most Likely Leaving Wizard101 When school starts up :(. I don't want to leave but it looks like I have no choice. I am in my last year of school and ever since I started playing wizard101 my grades has dropped. I have a bunch of exams that I need to pass in order to get into college. And I am in a private school (I got in through a scolarship) And the pressure is really on. And my dad isn't pleased with my grades at the momment. :( So its either get into college and get a job and be successful or sit around and play wizard101 all day. I love playing wizard101 but Its just too much of a distraction and I wish there was another way but there isn't. But when I get half term holidays I will be playing. As for the blog I am thinking of leaving it fully to Marissa as I won't be really posting. But hopefully she will still let me post when I have some free time.

-Cassandra Lifecaster

Monday, August 09, 2010

sorry for no posting :/

hey guys marissy here :P sry we havent done anything no posts or webcasts I'll tell you my excuse- i use my dad's laptop to do the webcasts but the laptop broke so i wont be doing any webcasts for a while and also the second one is for no posting is well because I'm lazy lol cassandry's reason well she's busy with real life stuff so yah :P we're like SUPER behind on blogging :P well cya :P  (I'm in a :P mood XD)

~Marissy Petal~

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All Star Bloggers Meet & Greet!

I know I am posting this a little late. But I thought Marissa, was going to post this but obviously not. Well we all know John Lifeglen, but for those of you who don't he is the proud owner and blogger of Throught the Eyes of A Sorcerer (click here to view his blog). Anyways he is hosting a new exciting event which goes by the name of "All Star Bloggers Meet & Gree" which  is when a bunch of fellow bloggers may meet up for this exiciting event and have the chance to mingle and discuss wizard101 gossip and news. He has even added a VIP section which is where the mobed bloggers may relax and hang out without being mobbed to death which is a really good idea.

Here is the official invitation:
(click the picture  for enlargement)

The Meet & Greet is held at John's newly crafted Watch Tower house (he gave me the honor of letting me have a sneek peak & I must say it is fabulous). The party will be held on 29th of July, Which is this up coming Thursday. Port busses will be loading in Golem Court of Unicorn Area One at 8:00 PM CST. The bus will leave promptly at that time. Two more busses will run in 15 minute intervals at 8:15 and 8:30. 8:30 is the final bus of the evening. If you are unable to make the 8:30 bus please contact either John, himself through his blog or via email or contact Heather Emeraldflame. To find out more information on this wonderful event please visit him post on the event here. I hope to see you all there at this event I literally can't wait I know it will be fun :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Webcast 12 Cancelled Tonight!!

Hello everyone. Yep you guessed it the webshow is cancelled due to the fact that Marissa, can't get access to a mic and also I have family plans. So we a very sorry and we a certain that it will be up and running next week. Sorry Everyone


Friday, July 23, 2010

Cassandra Is Back!!!

WoopWoop! Yes thats right Fellow Wizards I AM BACK!!! - starts the parade and notices no body attends - :( aww nobody missed me BOO YOU ALLL!!!!! <-----Joking xD Anyways I have been away In Turkey for 3 weeks and had a massive blast sorry that I only been able to post a few posts its just that I only got like an hour a week in the internet cafe thing over there so I couldn't really post much thats why my posts where long.......

Anyways.........................................................................................................WHAT DID I MISS?????
-hears chirping crickets- ??? Helloooos Anybody there D: - becomes paranoid and scared - HELLOOO????? EHHH!!! WHERE IS EVERYONE????

- hears a noise saying "You've got mail" Oooh Mail I wounder what it says.
-reads out loud- "Hello, Cassandra long time no see come on down to MB and meat us outside the warehouse" - Annoymous.

Warehouse??? Whats this warehouse..... Man i have missed a lot.

Anyways before I go please enjoy these pictures sent in by a fellow follower:

-Note I did have permission to show these and post these. Also if you have any pictures you would like to send in and let us show the world (wizard101 related only. We do give exceptions for funny pictures).


A random message from Marissy


~Marissy Petal~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Planning to change the template

Hey guys! Marissy here err so yea probably you guys remembered the template that we had when we started the blog. and Cassandry changed it and all that. Well I'm planning to change the old template back because the first template seems more original like Theurgisty like- and this current template that we have seems like not Theurgisty-like. I mean the template is nice but for like probably a teenage girl's blog or something like that. I kinda remembered that Mary and i were talking bout that on the phone that Cassandry should change the template but I'm gonna change it the first one just seems better than the current one :P

~Marissy Petal~

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sorry guys!

Hey guys! Marissy here, err yea sorry bout no posts lately. Apparently I was busy questing  on the game btw finished DS and now I am doing sidequests to level up to level 50. Also I havent heard from Cass for a LONG TIME. So if I don't hear from Cass before next weekend I PROMISE to do my second takeover. Also I had MAJOR boy probs for a few days. But now I'm happy and with Chris. Also I use Skype and the mic on my dad's laptops. But they erased everything so I have to re-download the game, skype, AND the procaster. But I like my new desktop background XD Also I am on that quest for the MB tower D: ITS TOO CREEPY FOR MEH! and i still want that unicorn O_O I'll see what I can do and I'll cya later bye O_O

~Marissa Petal~

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Time Fun!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while I have been getting time away from my computer so I can spend more time with my friends and family in the sun SINCE THIS IS THE HOTTEST AND BEST SUMMER EVER BECAUSE IT IS ALWAYS RAINING IN ENGLAND!! So yeah I am taking advantage and have been going to the beach and pool every single day this week its been a blast!! I actually can't believe this weather we are having I am not used to it BUT I LOVE IT. So yeah I can't really say anything about wizard101 because I havent been on and I have been busy.

GUESS WHAT???!!! Okay last week at my school we had to do work experience (its when you miss school for 2 weeks to go work somewhere for free) basically it stinks well mine stinks. Me and my friend Michelle (real friend) chose to work at this riding stables and let me tell you it was torture!!

We had to work 10 hours a day and within that 10 hours all we had was a half an hour lunch (no breaks in between just that lunch) and we was suppost to learn stuff but we didnt learn anything I mean I already knew how to do laundry and sweap!! Oh yeah SHE MADE US DO HER LAUNDRY!! I was like EWWWWWWWWW I am not touching that. Yeah so we had to go poo picking in the fields, clean the stables (which I didnt mind), groom horses (which I loved) and tack up ( which I didnt also mind) but my friend michelle didn't know anything she didnt even know how to groom horses and instead of them teaching her I HAD TO! which was so wrong because they are the ones suppost to be teaching us! Anyways they also made us do this muck heap ( its where all the poo and other stuff is all dumped and we had to take it all down and make a new pile and it was like 15 ft high and 20 ft wide IT took us 5 houts to do it) and WE DONT EVEN GET PAID EITHER! so we wasnt happy and everyday I came home I just slept through the whole night without any tea or anything I wasn't pleased and niether was my parents.

The next day me and my friend just decided to rebel against it because its like Child Labour!! Slavery Much!! and also all the people their are massive SNOBS I thought they would be nice but they are horrible and ALSO I GOT BIT BY A HORSE!! Ya I was giving a leg up to this chubby kid and the horse went mental when he got on his back and BIT ME! And It really hurt I still got the bruise now its massive it looks like I have been bitten by a vampire which is really cool but painful AND they didn't even care that I got bit they was like Oh stop being a moaner and suck it up JEESH! And when we was doing lead reins My friend got bit by a horse on her hand also and she told the instructor and he didnt even care. They all kept looking down at us like they were mroe supperior and it was horrible they treated us like a piece of muck and I was like HEY! I am not getting paid to do this and we deserve so more respect. So then My mum and dad didn't want me to go back their so I got the over week off it was sweet!!! So anyways sorry for the long post and late post hehe. I will try to make the webshow tomorrow depends what we are doing but I am sure I can make it!!


Marissa's Unicorn Fever

Hai guys! Marissy here sorry I haven't posted in a while :/ anyways xP well today they launched like the things from the test realm. But where is Celestia? o: there was no Celestia in the test realm and not in the live. Man when they say its a far away world they ain't kidding probably ya need to ride a flying unicorn over there. And speaking of unicorns I am DYING for one o: I know I know its called a Dream Filly but to me I just call it a unicorn. Anyways yea today it was HARD to get on Wizard101. I too me 2 HOURS. watch-

*Marissa logs on to Wizard101 and the log in page loading takes a while*
*Game gets in but says "Connecting to Wizard101..*
*Marissa tries again but says "Connecting to sever.."*
*Marissa finally gets on*
*Temporary shut down*
Marissa: AWW COME ON!
*2 hours trying to log on*
*Marissa logs in*
Marissa: FINALLY
*Marissa sees a unicorn*

Yea.... I went hyper :P and also I was working on a new wizard I made (not gonna tell her name yet *wink wink*) and I saw this satyr dancing in Unicorn Way so I saw there was no Life student around and I was like o: so after that I called my online sisy (its what my sister and I call each other o:) and we took a picture I'll post it up later but I'm hiding my new wizard's name for a limited time. (Lets hope its limited time o:)
Also The Quiet Diviner AKA Hannah Storm and I will be helping each other.
For example- she gossips with me everytime -.-
and another example- I'll send pictures to her of Celestia so she can post it on her blog.
and YES she is a non-member -.- she was only a member half a month because the first half either of us didn't knew and also sorry that we didn't do the webcast last week. I haven't contacted Cass ever since the last webcast we had. And lets say I said somrthing which shocked Cass and Amber and left with pride XD
But if I don't hear anything from her tomorrow I promise I'll do another one of my takeovers :P and YES there won't be echoes it was a mistake gosh bleh >.< this is ONE LLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG post. :P also I posted up a new video on our Youtube check it out also I'm planning to post up like random videos random funny videos with cass and I and some of Cass's friends and some of my friends and some of the bloggers o and also I got a satyr WOOT! her name is Miss Cookie yea yea a weird name for a satyr :P o I bet that most people named their unicorns charlie the unicorn XD it would be awesome like if we actually named our mounts and they would have a tag also it would be cool for a mb car mount o: like 4 people riding a mb car mount cruising around the spiral XD well I gtg now BYE

~Marissa Petal~

Monday, June 28, 2010


According to my sources Celestia, will be launched into the test realm this week! I am not sure if this is true or not as it hasn't been confirmed by wizard101 itself but it as been annnounced by one of their employees so cross your fingers and pray that its right. So that means......




Oh wait I am already telling people DOH!


Wait won't their be a huge load, Oh stop thinking of negatives ITS HERE!


-Cassandra Lifecaster

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Epic Fail! Not! More Like Epic Pet!

Woo I have been playing those pet games non stop all week and It has finally worked off because my pet Charile, Is FINALLY EPIC!!!!!! Woot no more training also I have maxed all his stats and I must say he is pretty darn good I took some snaps to show you guys :D
Now to go test him out in the pet derby if I can ever get a match that is. I have only met one other epic pet but hopefully I will see more shortly I am just happy that he doesn't have to go under anymore training :D

-Cassandra lifecaster                                                                                            

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Harry Potter WEBCAS!!

The Harry Potter Webcast! Was quite a good one we had an epic fail on the first attempt with my internet acting up as always but when we did a second attempt it worked out wonders it was great. I think everybody enjoyed themseleves I know I did. We kept getting a little bit of topic then coming on topic it was fun. We had Mary Dreamshad, Amber Rosepetal and David Titanrider on the show and it was great. If I could change anything I wouldnt it was just perfect. I felt bad for David, though he never did get to go to Narnia, in the end :( Anyways for the folks that missed it don't worry it's waiting for you at our livestream page :)

-Cassandra Lifecaster

Webcast 5 Live Sunday!

Since Marissa, doesn't like Harry Potter, I have no clue why but since she doesn't like it we are going to do webcast 5 tomorrow so she won't feel left out.


Central: 2pm
Eastern: 3pm
England: 8pm
Pacific: 4pm

-Cassandra Lifecaster

Friday, June 25, 2010

Webcast 4 Live!

Webcast 4 will be going live on Saturday! This webcast won't be like any other webcast as we have a very Potterific surprize Muahahaha!! Be sure to check it out at at:

Central: 4pm
Eastern: 5pm
England: 10pm
Pacific: 2pm

-Cassandra Lifecaster

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Sorry, I haven't posted or been on guys it's just that I have gotten into trouble with my parents.

It's quite a funny story actually you see last week we went to the supermarket to buy some more groceries and I stayed in the car because I knew what my mum and dad were like at food shopping, anyways while in the car I realized that I still had my guitar in the backseat so I decided to go put in the boot to make more room in the back. By the way our car is weird its one of them cars with a key sensor so it doesn’t actually have a key for it basically all you have to do is press the start and stop button to get the car to start! We have child lock in the back so I pressed this button that I had seen my dad press before and thought it would open it which it did. So I climbed into the back open the door and got my guitar out. I closed the door behind me and well I went to the boot and it wouldn’t open so I decided to go get the key sensor to go open it and that’s when I realised that I accidently locked us out of the car. Turns out the button I had pressed, was the button to lock the car but I didn't know this until after I did this. So I waited for my parents to return to the car to give me enough time to think of an alibi. In the car were the house keys, my mum’s bag and my dad’s phone. Luckily I had my phone on me so we could ring a taxi but I have to say it was a great ride home unless you like being shouted at gazillions times!

When we got home I had to climb through a gap in our gate luckily I could fit (we have electric gates) and try and find an open window. My mum left the utility's window open but this window is really small it’s like one of them small windows you have in your bathrooms. My dad was really angry with me so he literally just shoved me through it even though I was choking to death and I managed to get in and get the spare set of car key and house keys.

My mum was furious at me but my dad was more than furious and took my laptop away!!! And is refusing to give me it back so, that’s why I haven't been on in a while. Oh and to top it all off I HAVE A CHEST INFECTION!! Which my mother gladly gave me -_-!!! So yeah I have had to go to the doctors and you think that’s bad I HAVE MISSED 2 MATHS GCSE EXAMS! Because of this stupid chest infection which I still have now so I have had to have the whole week off school so far because of it. And I have to take a retake of the 3 hour tests I missed in NOVEMBER!! So I am not a happy bunny and I am behind on my Art and English coursework because I haven't been feeling well and I haven't got a laptop to do them on. Also I only have 3 weeks left of school! Which is really good :D because then its SUMMER time :D:D

Oh and before I forget my dad is going away to work on Thursday, so hopefully I will get my laptop back then and the only reason I am able to tell you all this is because I said to my mum could I quickly go on her computer to check my emails which wasn't a lie I actually just did want to check my emails but then I thought wait a minute I will check out how the blog is going.

See you guys soon if I ever recover from this illness.

-Cassandra Lifecaster

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sorry!..... again :/

Hey guys! Ya sorry we didn't do the webcast yesterday. I haven't heard a word from Cassandry for a while and I didn't wanna go solo again. So ya after Cassandry is back we'll be back on track! Also, how's yer summer going? IK that my summer iz goin gr8t! So um ya I'll cya around :D?

~Marissa Petal~

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Webcast 3 Live Today!!

Check out webcast 3 which will be live today. I will be flying it solo as Marissa, cannot get access to her mic at the moment. But don't worry I promise it will be great :D as I have a lot guest stars appearing on the show to make it fun. We also have a few competitions with great prize give aways!


2pm Central (Today)!!
3pm Eastern
12pm Pacific
8pm GMT

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Sorry guys I am not going to be posting for quite a while due to my exams coming up next and week after that. My mum and dad said that I need to focus on my studies as I have been distracted by wizard101 so basically when my exams are all done I will be back and up and posting in no time. So I won't be posting for a week or 2 because I have to revise as I have to get really good grades on these exams because they are my GCSE's and the only way I can get into college is to have really Good GCSE's and If I don't get good GCSE's I can kiss my graphics career goodbye.

I will be back before you know it!

P.S Webcast 3 is still on the go ahead on Sunday at 2pm Central Time :) Also I will be running it alone as my co-host won't be present but don't worry I have quite a lot of guest stars.

-Cassandra Lifecaster

Monday, June 07, 2010

Second Webshow

Okay so It's my turn to write about what happened on todays show. I wasn't present for the frirst half  of the show as I had to do other things that had to come first but the half I was on was extremely entertaining and fun excluding a few minor technical difficulties it was a good webshow. We had a lot of guest stars on our webshow who stayed and chatted with us like Stephen Spiritcaller (ravenwood radio), Robert DragonHeart (rogue sorcerer), Amber Rosepetal (saviour of the spiral) and Mary Dreamshade (pie loving necromancer). We discussed pet drops, farming, pet features and other game related stuff. Also we have a new segmant called ..... (they haven't decieded on a name yet) but it is hosted by Mary Dreamshade and Amber Rosepetal as they have joined forces to create a comic voiceover story. Each week they will tell a chapter of their book which consists of many adventures. Also Robert DragonHeart, has created a competition where he gives you a few lines of lyrics from a song and you have to guess which song is it and who sings it and whoever gets the correct answer first wins 5,000 crowns which is completely SWEET!!! Anyways there is a bunch more stuff that happened but if I had to type them all out I would be here all week so if you missed it don't worry you can catch up with it on our livestream page here: (it will be in our video libary located at the bottom of the page you will see when you get there)

-Cassandra Lifecaster

Saturday, June 05, 2010

New Blog- The Pyromancer Of Ravenwood

Ok, you guys remember Chris? Right? Right? Well he made a blog called The Pyromancer Of Ravenwood.
Well if there's a problem with the google follow just have the link right there to check it out and also he is trying hard so give him a break ok his site is-

~Marissa Petal~

Second Comedy Theurgists Webcast- Marissa's Takeover

Hey guys! Marissa here! Second webcast WOOHOO! Since Cassandry can't make it I'm gunna takeover! :D and with my co-host Mary Dreamshade AKA The Pie Loving Necromancer. I will make it enjoyable and fun. There will be music, laughs, fun, pranks and so much more so don't miss it it will be on Sunday June 6, 2010 time- 3:00PM EASTERN TIME

Remember I'm still the moderator and I a toughy XD
The link is

CYA there! :D

~Marissa Petal~

Friday, June 04, 2010

Teacher Of The Month!

Lydia Greyrose

Lydia, is a cheerful and kind person she loves connecting with her fellow students. She loves the chilling tingles when a small beautiful snowflake falls on her face. She finds that even though Ice is cold in reality but it warms her heart deep down inside. She absaloutly adores knitting and cookies. She loves to help around and do her bit towards the community and loves to help new students find there way. She isn't trained in combat greatly but she is trained in combat and shielding. Her favourite spell is Tower shield as it can block any spell from any school. She maybe one of the oldest teachers here at Ravenwood but she is the kindest and helpfull one at Ravenwood alongside MooLinda. Her creativity and her icewizardness makes her a perfect candidate for being teacher of the month.

So all you Ice out there better get your gloves and scarfs and prepare for battle to defend the spiral! This is your month praise the ICE!!! :)


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

New Wizard101 Blog-The Quiet Diviner

Ok, my BFF in the game Hannah Storm made a blog called The Quiet Diviner. the link is- trust me she is really quiet when you meet her personally. Now she is just a beginner so just please be nice to her she is really sensitive. Lets say its kinda hard for her to understand things sometimes she is not mentally sick no she is just unique like all the rest, So go and check out her blog,

~Marissa Petal~

Monday, May 31, 2010

Ravenwood Ball

Okay so me and Marissa, went to the fabulous Ravenwood Ball on Saturday where we hung out with a bunch of awesome people like Fallon Shadowblade, Stephan Spiritcaller, Leesha Darkheart, Robert Dragonheart, Kestrel Shadowthistle, Dustin Mooncatcher and lots of other awesome people :D Well I must say it was quite a blast we had to get there 2 HOURS! Before the party due to the realm becoming full and nobody else could get in once the party started. So we had a really good time we moved the part to 3 different locations due to Ravenwood being packed and also Fallon's husband’s house. But other than that it was bunches of fun just chilling out catching up with people and having a generally good time.

Congrats of the Anniversary!

(5 minutes after the party started)


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our First Webcast

Yea Cassandry and I did our first webcast. It was rough at first (and funny) and then lets say Cass and I got in a angruement nothing but a silly one lol and the viewers were awesome and funny and Amber Rosepetal did this quiz Cass done and I played some music (Peanut Butter Jelly Time and I Just Wasted 10 Seconds Of Your Life) and also Cass is doing this contest (bleh) of make up the best burger combo and you could win a pale maiden! (Mini Lady Blackhope in the crowns shop) and if ya missed it well don't ask me if we recorded it I have NO idea XD ok well cya!

~Marissa Petal~

Marissy ish not British lol

Hi Marissy here! Ok people think I am british..... -.-  Cassandry ish the British one I am a Cuban-American/Hispanic American and if ya don't believe me I'll talk and be funny in spanish

Saturday, May 29, 2010



A funny play by Marissa Petal-

Kaitlyn-O: wait what did I do?
Marissa-idk ask Bob -.-
Kaitlyn-Ok Bob what did I do?
Marissa-Bob lives in Canada -.-
*Kaitlyn sends a letter to Bob*
*Bob writes back*
*letter says that you were stalking him*
Kaitlyn-WAIT! I wasn't stalking him!
Marissa-Yea maybe he was stalking you -.-

Funny Story #2
*Last period in school in math class*
*Marissa Pokes Will on the back*
*Will keeps calling Marissa poker*
*Marissa Pokes Will again*
*Will turns back and hits his hand with the corner of marissa's desk*
Marissa-Good -.-

Funny Story #3
*Marissa eats whip cream*
Cass-Um what are you doing?
Marissa with mouth full- eating whip cream
Cass-Ooh -.-
*whip cream runs out*



Name Change Competition!

Okay so basically I think the name ComedyTheurgists, is getting old so we have decied to change our name but we just don't know what to change it too. So we have decided to hold a competition!!

The Compeition will be held when we have the votes in to decide if we should get a name change or not!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ComedyTheurgists Go Live!

 Proud to announce a new feature for our blog.

A ComedyTheurgists Webcast!!


This webcast will be where we crank up the tunes and pull a little comedy and also deliever news and have wacky interviews and competitions!!

Me and Marissa, have been thinking about doing this even before we created the blog which has been a big hit since we only launched it LAST MONTH!

So we have decided to actually run this idea and just say what the hay lets go for it!

We will be broadcasting almost every Sunday!

Starting this Sunday! So bare with us since this will actually be our first show so please bare with us and give us a break because I know that there will be some nerves formed on the night. We hope to get quite a lot of people in but we will be happy if only 1 or 2 people watch at least its somebody.


Central US: 2pm
Eastern US: 3:00pm
Pacific US: 12:00pm
GMT Universal Time (England): 8:00pm

P.S Sorry we had to move the date to Sunday! Due to Difficulties :P

Hope to see you there :D!! It would mean a lot to us :) and also we will be doing competitions and lots of other great things so better not miss it :D Click Here When The Time Is Write!


Is This True or am I just hallucinating things again!!!

Is Someone Pulling a PRANK on me again!! Or can it be true that THE ADVANCED PETS ARE ACTUALLY HERE!!!! We have been waiting a long time for this release :D :D OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE ITS HERE SOMEBODY PINCH ME (not literally just always wanted to say that). I can't believe its actually here woot woot! Can't wait to log on and test these babies out its gonna be jam packed and major sweet :D I know where I am gonna be spending my wizard game time. RIGHT THERE OF COURSE!



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Funny Video of The Week

The funny video this week is......

Okay so basically My friend sent me a link to this video and I remember watching this on Britains Got Talent a few years ago and it still cracks me up hehe. At least he got through but saddly he didn't make it to the semi-finals :( So what you guys think?

Leave you view and opinion below :D


Monday, May 24, 2010


Yup Its that time of the month again CROWN SALE!! My favorite :D I just love the 25% off crowns because that means I can get crowns for less YAY!!

CROWNS SALE! Save 80% <----- I wish lol nah its really 25% -.- For a limited time only, you can purchase 60,000 Crowns for only $59.99 which is £41.65 for me (which isn't that bad so hopefully if I pull a few strings I might Just Might be able to get some anyways carrying on) - that's over $20 in savings!

- Cassandra  


Okay guys and gals we only got 7 DAYS till the compition closes so what you waiting for post your funniest jokes now before its too late and win a grand prize of 3,000 crowns spending money!!!

So why you still here reading this post quick go look in the blog roll and find the post that says Compition and click away and leave a comment with your funniest jokes HURRY NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!!!!


Curse Of The Cassandra Mummy!!!

Title Says it All.

Here the story starts.

I was talking with my friends one day in the Commons, having a bit of a catch up when all of a sudden I got summoned by Lady Oriel, to go see the Death tree in Nightside, apparently it was a life and death situation. So I got on my trusty steed Midnight, to go see what the problem was. Before I knew It I was ambushed and taken to a sceret location. I cannot recall what happened to me next as when I woke up I couldn't hardly remember anything it was all bizaar. I just remeber everything before the ambush. Everything esle is just a blank. I got to my feet and walked around a bit to find where exactly I was. I had to ask a fellow wizard as my mind was still dizzy and tired from what just happened. Turns out I was in DS which was extremely strange concidering before all this happened i was in WizardCity. I decided to go home to have a bit of rest to consume my energy that I had lost when all of a sudden my body started to shake and my hands started turning green. I was freaking out as my body started changing colours. Then just before my eyes I was 10 feet in the air. I had no idea what was going on my eyes became blury and everything started spinning. I began to out grow my clothes which turned into rags. I closed my eyes then BAM! I had became my worse nightmare a Monster! I had the sudden urge to track down a wizard named David TitanRider. I had this strange feeling like I was being compelled and must track him down and take him to someone but who? I couldn't resist the urge I had to find him I just had to. So I started checking every world and street starting with WIZARD CITY! I asked a fellow wizard named Kestrel Shadowthistle, who glady pointed me in the direction where David, was lerking...


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Funny Pet Gltich

Was bored so I thought I would go and buy a new pet from the shopping district in Wizard City. I was buying a Unicorn just for the fun of it to match my new white mare mount. I was choosing a name till I noticed this....

They have Lily twice in the name chooser. Lol how strange and funny I never noticed it before have you guys?


Another Character Revealed!

Yes I have it here another character revealed at last! We are once again another step closer to Celestia, won't be long now till we fill the whole thing. Well we have uncovered quite a big character which seems to be a guard or warrior crab hmm I am not really sure. What you guys think? comment below and tell us what you think this guy might be. 

(click for enlargement) 


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Firestone School

Hey guys! You guys remember Chris from my bio right? If you haven't read my bio when BOING! XD
Well he opened up a school/college called Firestone School its not just for fire student its for every school students. If ya wanna know more go to and search for Chris and if ya wanna add mah in Diary Of A Wizard Connect X then search Marissa Petal. and if ya wanna add Bob then search HOBOZ :D nah jk Bob doesn't have one. Also I'm going to do the commercial for Life Of Marissa Petal episodes. YES IT WILL BE FUNNY GOSH STOP JUDGING MAH  also bob hates you thats one of the reason why he loves you figure out that riddle and you win a stuffed hobo :D

~Marissa Petal~

Central Help o:

Ok, I offically stink in Wizard101 Central. Idk how to change my user name, idk how to get in pvp so I won't be a novice CAN ANYBODY HELP MEH PLEASE!?!!!!!! O: also can ya add me in central? my user is plugachuchi (yea I'm weird like that)

~Marissa Petal~

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Marissa's Birthday Bash Thanks

Ok, I would like to thank you guys for coming to my party. If your wondering which house I live I offically have 2 houses now. My Marleybone house and my new life house. If you missed the party sry but I was caught up in a cuckooness that I forgot to take pictures or videos. But lets say, everybody was pushing each other in the pool and attacking each other I: but it was still funny. :D If ya missed my party wished you could've come. But there will be more parties I'll throw soon in my new life house *my mind: After I decorate it -.-*
So I wanna introduce you guys some great friends of mines. Their names are Zachary Firebreaker and Cody Sandriver they do wizard101 music videos if you wanna check them out search on youtube MrSkittles626 and also I have another friend named Steven Hawkspear, you can find his youtube on Wizard101NewsCentral. Also if ya wanna meet them let me know I'm sure they won't mind CYA! :D

~Marissa Petal~

Monday, May 17, 2010


Ugh okay today I was playing wizard101 and was talking to a bunch of my friends and suddenly this guy I hate came up to us and he started saying that his dad actually created the game and blah blah he was like ooh ya my dad created this game and I was like dude seriously shut up because your lieing. The funny thing is he is only level 45! Then he accused me of being a fake and not owning this blog btw i was on my chelsea firestone character. And I was like Oh No you didnt just say that! There was a lot more said but I don't want to go into too much detail so I was like um actually dude I do own this blog and at least I am not a liar like you trying to get attention! Jeesh thats one thing i can't stand is liars! and fakes! Man it makes my blood boil.

His name is Elijah UnicornGlade! <----- Hated person on wizard101

He has a massive potty mouth! he curses all the time and always calls me unapropriate things which I find horrible because there are kids that play this game and I don't want them to hear half of the things he is saying so if you see him please report him he is just a meniss to wizard101 and just completely ruins the fun!

Remeber ELIJAH UNICORNGLADE LEVEL 45 ICE!! <------------REPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also Someone Named VALKOOR LIFESTRIDER Claims to be The creater of the game which I didn't believe for one second! Seriously why do people have to lie there way through in life its just pathetic!
-Cassandra Lifecaster A.K.A Chelesa Firestone!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blog InConstruction!!

Hi its Cassandra, Here :) I am going to be adding a lot of features to the blog and also I am going to be changing the whole layout so if you visit and see stuff that look weird Its just that I am constructing the blog :D

Can't wait till its done to hear what you guys think!!


Marissa's Birthday Bash

Today is my birthday! WEEEEEE I'm going to throw a party on the game on monday because I'm at Disney for my birthday so meet me at the life tower and then the party will be moved to my house.
What time?
Monday, May 17, 2010
Time: 7:00 PM Eastern Time
Place to meet: Life Tower
Realm: Vampire

P.S.- I am making a new wizard like my twin but with text chat so you can add me on her because I can't be deleting friends on my offical wizard -.-

Also remember, EVERYBODY is invited.
Even your neighborhood hobo! O: SWEET!
Btw- When you reach into my house you can only access the outside part I have the inside locked.
If it doesn't seem like it from far away, THINK AGAIN! -.-
Also my actual birthday is on May 16 but I'm having my party to May 17 because I am spending my birthday in Disney and I'll be spending the entire Sunday night in the car driving ALL THE WAY BACK -.-
Cya at my party hope you can come!

~Marissa Petal~

I Ain't A Slacker

Ok, people have been telling me I have been slacking off. -cough, MARY, cough cough- Ok listen, people have been telling me Cass is doing all the work. I was the one who made the Youtube, and Twitter. Cass is awesome at editing pictures, I'm great at editing videos. Right now Cass and I are doing Final Exams. It's almost summer time and Cass and I gotta study. You may not have finals because your too young or your already an adult. Well Cass is starting a new chapter in her life, while I am still in one of my own. So will you people please wait for more things in the summer. Cass and I are trying our best to keep the site running and replying all your comments and  questions. Also, people say that I need to upgrade Life Of Marissa Petal -cough, MARY, AGAIN, cough cough- Look I'm not great at making comics Cass is but I'm not going to make Cass make comics for me. I know she is busy and I don't want her to have a new thing on her plate. I am going to do videos of the comics and post it up on Youtube. There be adventure, drama, romance, many more to come *My mind: I have no idea how many more to come -.-* Ok? so chill I am trying my best Cass and I are going to be in allot of interviews and I still need fixing on my headset... *My mind: END THIS POST ALREADY!!* OK? So I'll cya later

-is bout to say something but a little bomb explodes and my face, a bit of my hair and half of my clothes get covered in dust-

-cough cough- ok bye -cough-

~Marissa Petal~

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Woot woot Its Wandcast tonight and guess what!!!
ITS LIVE!!! Yep It is live for the first time which will be extremely interesting!

Eastern: 7:00 PM

Central: 6:00 PM
Mountain: 5:00 PM
Pacific: 4:00 PM

Like duh what you waiting for go check it out I will be there but will you??? Dun DUn DUN!!
Find our more about tonights special even here!
-Cassandra Lifecaster 8B <-- My Awesome Nerdy Face with No NOSE!!!

Woop Woop! First interview O:

Okay, today we got our first INTERVIEW!!!! WOOP WOOP -shoots confetti cannon- :D:D
Thanks to the amazing Taji34 A.K.A Luke Dragontamer over at Sorcerer's Corner!

Okay, So basically we got an email from him earlier today regarding about an interview and was wondering if we could take a few mintues of our time to answer a few questions. I was like "OF COURSE I CAN I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO AHHH" literally <.< Turned Out Friendly From The Friendly Necromancer blog turned his in on the same day as me :P So Taji ended up combining our answers which was pretty cool so basically you get a Duet if you take out the singing part and replace it with joined interview part Eh, you get what I mean Hehe.

So check out the fantastically awesome interview over at Sorcerer's corner :P right now! No seriously I mean now!!!!  Click for interview <.< Like totally click like your life depended on it!!!!

-Cassandra Lifecaster

Funny Video Of The Week!

The funny video of the week this week is........


This video always makes me laugh everytime I watch It and I have announced and crowned it funny video of the week. Hope you enjoy this video don't forget to comment and tell us what you think is the funniest video of the week and what you think of this video! Woop Woop Go annoying orange!

-Cassandra Lifecaster Woot Woot :P

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Joke, A Laugh, A Hope, The Wildlife.

Ok, if you people may have heard that there is a oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico. It's almost by my state Florida. Anyways, poor animals have been in the oil spill. Poor ducks, sea turtles, and others. As you may need to know I care for the wildlife. I love animals. So I am doing to do a little foundation. Send me a joke or something funny, a funny story for example. Those jokes and stories you will send me will help. I have $20 dollars, every funny joke or story you send to me is a dollar or two to help the wildlife. Also if you have heard of that soap Dawn? Well they said that they use Dawn to clean the animals. You can go to Publix or Winn Dixie and buy Dawn the types that says "Save The Wildlife". I will put the jokes and stories on Youtube. Also, please please please pray to God to help the animals, and hope that the oil spill will be gone before it spreads and gets worse. I know I sound desparate, which I am kinda, I really love wildlife, I love animals. Please send me your joke like on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. Please help the wildlife and hope that the wildlife is in your prayers.

~Marissa Petal~

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I was bored lol so decided to do a bit of graphics with an old pictures btw I did everything myself and drew the hair and everything myself.



Profile picture for my friend Aaron