Friday, August 20, 2010

My Leaving Party!!

Okay I just announced yesterday that I was leaving and all of a sudden I was shocked to see that Amber RosePetal, Donna SpellThorn and Cassandra GriffinDreamer had organised a Surprise party for me!! I was completely unaware of this and they had told me that they were doing up Donna's house for her friends birthday party and that she wanted me to come visit her to just have a chat so I logged on in the game to meet up with her and was blown away with all these wizards there shouting surprise I literally went into shock and just couldn't believe that they did all this for me. And to top it all off SHE MADE A STATUE OF ME!!! I mean seriously a statue of me I actually faint because it looked spitting image of me!! (I should of taken a picture) Lol I was too busy enjoying myself to take some pictures it was that great. And everyone was giving toasts and I personally gave a toast giving thanks to all the wonderful people that had arrived and especially to them 3 who made this happened. It was truly a night to remember. So thank you guys for the great party it just shows what great friends you are :)

 Luckily I took some pictures in the after party of the party when it was just a few of us left :)
Its a shame that Marissa, couldn't of attended but oh well I had fun and I am sure everyone else did too.

-Cassandra Lifecaster

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