Friday, October 01, 2010

Have been busy lately

Hai guys! its meh Marissy yea sry about no posting, no logging on Wizard101. only I have been busy with school, reading, new future boyfriend EEEEEEEPPPP I know! :D, choir, Hannah's show and all that BLEH
since 7th grade isn't no 6th grade I have to have my head exploding but I'm NOT gonna leave for the school year even plus I always do my homework ahead of time so :P only I'm reading this book and i need like what 50 something stories left, I have choir, I am practicing on my music which means I'll be playing guitar, and I'll be singing also I think my crush and I are already dating without me knowing >.< and also I'm one of the main actresses on Hannah's show so yah I'm gonna be pretty much busy and btw I'm gonna do some podcasts soon with my mr crush :D IF he isnt too lazy to actually TALK on the podcast >.< so yah i gtg so cya

~Marissy Petal~

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