Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloweeneth

Hola personas! Marissy here! Happy Halloween! What are you gonna dress up as? don't ask meh because I'm going as NOTHING! :D seee how special I am >.< XD today I went to the zoo and walked for probably 4 hours. so now mah feet hurt and I spent most of the day talking to my boyfriend XD but bleh online I'll dress up but not irl so yah bye

~Marissy Petal~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saving Crab Alley Protest Party

Yo everybody! Its mah Marissy! So yea  I really wanna save Crab Alley. I know what your thinking the lazy theurgist is gonna start working again. :P yesh i am lazy because i got it from my dad so DONT JUDGE MEH O_O and also Hannah Storm aka The Quiet Diviner liked my idea if saving Crab Alley so now Hannah and I are the offical leaders of Save Crab Alley protest this Tuesday we're gonna protest on Crab Alley on 8PM Eastern, 7PM Central realm Vampire area 1 Hannah and I both we see some bloggers helping us out even thought the Selena quest will be over doesn't mean Crab Alley should disappear we could make it into a hang out spot like the commons because srsly it won't be fair that members can go to underwater areas in Celestia and nonmembers just stay on dry land don't you think we should do a spot FAIR for both members and nonmembers and btw the commons dont count people need a cool hang out and not like commons, ravenwood type so Crab Alley should be a hangout for both members and nonmembers even plus that place is so cool every 5 minutes you'll probably see an underwater party if ya wana like our facebook fan page search Like To Save Crab Alley I sent a letter to Kingsisle and they said they'll think about it but I know that they'll probably take away Crab Alley so Hannah, me and all the rest of the people who want to save Crab Alley will keep protesting until we save Crab Alley so Like our page and join our awesome party :D

~Marissy Petal~

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cassandras New Blog!!

Hello People! I have decided to start a solo blog! All about me and my perspective of the game :) So check it out now and see my views and opinions straight from england :D

-Cassandra Lifecaster

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Webcast 12 live this afternoon!

Hai guys Marissy here now we're going to webcast 12 this afternoon today Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 1 PM Eastern and 12 PM Central and if you don't live in these areas then you can do the math :P So yah we're gonna get some bloggers in, talk about Celestia, Crab Alley, and all that cwap. *NOTE* This is the LAST podcast before the new way to do podcasts on Saturday nights every 15 days. So yah see you guys this afternoon (my mom is in a rush) BBBBYYYYYYEEEEE

~Marissy Petal~

Checking up wit Marissy

Hai peoplez! Marissy here! I'm just here listening to Ravenwood Radio episodes I miss on my ipod (yea I'm a Ravenwood Radio fan on the GO) So yah I have been on the test realm but not on my original account because I got no membership so my big sis (online) let me use her account I gave her a long time ago on the test realm and btw TALK ABOUT AWESOME! While I was on my sis's main I ran into mah bff Destiny and I ran into Fallon Deathslinger after I ran into Destiny :P and btw I have been busy with real life. Spending time with my boyfriend ;), hispanic night, raining french fries O_O now tomorrow I'm going to try to do a Hispanic Heritage Comedy Theurgists Podcast since my dad left me with his laptop and I just need to connect the cable box from my mom's computer to my dad's I'll see if Cassandry would join me too and btw I AM NOT BRITISH CASSANDRY IS I AM HALF CUBAN, HISPANIC AMERICAN, HISPANICA AMERICANA and btw Hannah was updating her blog and she was looking at one of Mary's posts (The Pie Loving Necromancer) and we were discussing about Mary's post about Crab Alley. I'm gonna try to ask Kingsisle if they're planning to take away Crab Alley or not. So yah and btw to do podcasts its gonna be on a selected saturday night after every 15 days no other choice sorry :( so yah if Cassandry joins tomorrow's podcast then I might teach her spanish XD ok so yah cya

~Marissy Petal~

Monday, October 11, 2010

Lalalal..... Hello Blogging WORLD!

Yes Cassandra is back for a little while. AND GUESS WHAT!! CELESTIA IS OUT IN THE TEST REALM!! TOTAL SCHOCK HORROR!!! GAH!!! And yes I have been and seen O: And its Fantastic!!!.....

-swims around gloating on my shark called bruce - "Fish are friends Not Food" - Bruce .... YES MY SHARK SAID THAT.....Hes Like Kinda WELL AWESOME!!!

So anyways I took a quite few pics of me on the awesome new mounts but I was so caught up with Celestia I actually forgot to take some pictures. So I promise I will re edit this post and add some screenshots for them few who haven't gotten a sneak peek!


Okay so you guys must be like OMG!! CASS IS BACK!! (your probly not but no harm in trying) Well like when I logged into skype I had nothing but +1000 comments about unrelated stuff and also more than a dozen comments saying CASSANDrA YOUR HERE AHHH!!! Lol I felt missed. Now for the awesome mounts that I happily owned in the test realm :) (sorry for being gone for a while)

Aww well I do love horse riding.

Me Rinding Zookee (thats what I named her)

Zookee was so lonely by herself before I found her. Look at the other sea horses with their owners mocking her! Just Mean!

Wee its um a TURTLE!!

I have been swimming with these.

I have swam and ate this O:


Yum Lobster Dipped In Butter.

- From The One And Only Cassandra Lifecaster

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Changes in the podcasts

Hey everybody! Marissy here! I need to make some changes to the podcasts like to change it on saturday once every 2 weeks at night. the reason why is I can't tell you guys but I am close to bursting into tears :(
but I promise I'll do my best to keep the blog alive only I have been busy with school, choir, and everything

~Marissy Petal~

Friday, October 01, 2010

Have been busy lately

Hai guys! its meh Marissy yea sry about no posting, no logging on Wizard101. only I have been busy with school, reading, new future boyfriend EEEEEEEPPPP I know! :D, choir, Hannah's show and all that BLEH
since 7th grade isn't no 6th grade I have to have my head exploding but I'm NOT gonna leave for the school year even plus I always do my homework ahead of time so :P only I'm reading this book and i need like what 50 something stories left, I have choir, I am practicing on my music which means I'll be playing guitar, and I'll be singing also I think my crush and I are already dating without me knowing >.< and also I'm one of the main actresses on Hannah's show so yah I'm gonna be pretty much busy and btw I'm gonna do some podcasts soon with my mr crush :D IF he isnt too lazy to actually TALK on the podcast >.< so yah i gtg so cya

~Marissy Petal~