Monday, October 11, 2010

Lalalal..... Hello Blogging WORLD!

Yes Cassandra is back for a little while. AND GUESS WHAT!! CELESTIA IS OUT IN THE TEST REALM!! TOTAL SCHOCK HORROR!!! GAH!!! And yes I have been and seen O: And its Fantastic!!!.....

-swims around gloating on my shark called bruce - "Fish are friends Not Food" - Bruce .... YES MY SHARK SAID THAT.....Hes Like Kinda WELL AWESOME!!!

So anyways I took a quite few pics of me on the awesome new mounts but I was so caught up with Celestia I actually forgot to take some pictures. So I promise I will re edit this post and add some screenshots for them few who haven't gotten a sneak peek!


Okay so you guys must be like OMG!! CASS IS BACK!! (your probly not but no harm in trying) Well like when I logged into skype I had nothing but +1000 comments about unrelated stuff and also more than a dozen comments saying CASSANDrA YOUR HERE AHHH!!! Lol I felt missed. Now for the awesome mounts that I happily owned in the test realm :) (sorry for being gone for a while)

Aww well I do love horse riding.

Me Rinding Zookee (thats what I named her)

Zookee was so lonely by herself before I found her. Look at the other sea horses with their owners mocking her! Just Mean!

Wee its um a TURTLE!!

I have been swimming with these.

I have swam and ate this O:


Yum Lobster Dipped In Butter.

- From The One And Only Cassandra Lifecaster

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