Saturday, May 22, 2010

Firestone School

Hey guys! You guys remember Chris from my bio right? If you haven't read my bio when BOING! XD
Well he opened up a school/college called Firestone School its not just for fire student its for every school students. If ya wanna know more go to and search for Chris and if ya wanna add mah in Diary Of A Wizard Connect X then search Marissa Petal. and if ya wanna add Bob then search HOBOZ :D nah jk Bob doesn't have one. Also I'm going to do the commercial for Life Of Marissa Petal episodes. YES IT WILL BE FUNNY GOSH STOP JUDGING MAH  also bob hates you thats one of the reason why he loves you figure out that riddle and you win a stuffed hobo :D

~Marissa Petal~

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