Friday, August 20, 2010

The Saviors Of The Spiral Webshow!!

It looks like Amber Rosepetal from "A Savior Of A Spiral" and Mary Dreamshade from "Pie Loving Necromancer" have teamed up to create a webshow named. The Saviors Of The Spiral, which sounds pretty awesome. Here is the official post from Ambers blog:

Okay guys the Webshow will be at!:

8:00 pm Eastern
7:00 pm Central
6:00 pm Mountain
5:00 pm Pacific
1:00 am England (WOAH CASSANDRA)

So... Be there to listen at:
Mary might have some mic problems but who cares.We can use the telephone :D
Well, i gotta go. Bye

-Cassandra Lifecaster

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