Monday, June 07, 2010

Second Webshow

Okay so It's my turn to write about what happened on todays show. I wasn't present for the frirst half  of the show as I had to do other things that had to come first but the half I was on was extremely entertaining and fun excluding a few minor technical difficulties it was a good webshow. We had a lot of guest stars on our webshow who stayed and chatted with us like Stephen Spiritcaller (ravenwood radio), Robert DragonHeart (rogue sorcerer), Amber Rosepetal (saviour of the spiral) and Mary Dreamshade (pie loving necromancer). We discussed pet drops, farming, pet features and other game related stuff. Also we have a new segmant called ..... (they haven't decieded on a name yet) but it is hosted by Mary Dreamshade and Amber Rosepetal as they have joined forces to create a comic voiceover story. Each week they will tell a chapter of their book which consists of many adventures. Also Robert DragonHeart, has created a competition where he gives you a few lines of lyrics from a song and you have to guess which song is it and who sings it and whoever gets the correct answer first wins 5,000 crowns which is completely SWEET!!! Anyways there is a bunch more stuff that happened but if I had to type them all out I would be here all week so if you missed it don't worry you can catch up with it on our livestream page here: (it will be in our video libary located at the bottom of the page you will see when you get there)

-Cassandra Lifecaster

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