Saturday, June 12, 2010


Sorry guys I am not going to be posting for quite a while due to my exams coming up next and week after that. My mum and dad said that I need to focus on my studies as I have been distracted by wizard101 so basically when my exams are all done I will be back and up and posting in no time. So I won't be posting for a week or 2 because I have to revise as I have to get really good grades on these exams because they are my GCSE's and the only way I can get into college is to have really Good GCSE's and If I don't get good GCSE's I can kiss my graphics career goodbye.

I will be back before you know it!

P.S Webcast 3 is still on the go ahead on Sunday at 2pm Central Time :) Also I will be running it alone as my co-host won't be present but don't worry I have quite a lot of guest stars.

-Cassandra Lifecaster

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