Saturday, October 16, 2010

Checking up wit Marissy

Hai peoplez! Marissy here! I'm just here listening to Ravenwood Radio episodes I miss on my ipod (yea I'm a Ravenwood Radio fan on the GO) So yah I have been on the test realm but not on my original account because I got no membership so my big sis (online) let me use her account I gave her a long time ago on the test realm and btw TALK ABOUT AWESOME! While I was on my sis's main I ran into mah bff Destiny and I ran into Fallon Deathslinger after I ran into Destiny :P and btw I have been busy with real life. Spending time with my boyfriend ;), hispanic night, raining french fries O_O now tomorrow I'm going to try to do a Hispanic Heritage Comedy Theurgists Podcast since my dad left me with his laptop and I just need to connect the cable box from my mom's computer to my dad's I'll see if Cassandry would join me too and btw I AM NOT BRITISH CASSANDRY IS I AM HALF CUBAN, HISPANIC AMERICAN, HISPANICA AMERICANA and btw Hannah was updating her blog and she was looking at one of Mary's posts (The Pie Loving Necromancer) and we were discussing about Mary's post about Crab Alley. I'm gonna try to ask Kingsisle if they're planning to take away Crab Alley or not. So yah and btw to do podcasts its gonna be on a selected saturday night after every 15 days no other choice sorry :( so yah if Cassandry joins tomorrow's podcast then I might teach her spanish XD ok so yah cya

~Marissy Petal~

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