Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Goodbye summer, hello school :(

Hey guys Marissy here well for most of you school already started for those who's school didnt start then your so LUCKY school started for meh but the bright side I'm in the same class as all my bffs and meh crush also since my mom signed meh up for choir (practicing my singing, acting, and drawing this year) meh crush is planning to join choir :D

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Drawing Comedy Theurgist!

Heya! Marissy here! Ok i bet you guys probably hate meh that I missed cassandry's leaving party :( I had NO idea I got addicted to youtube and all that stuff. :( I guess I'll have to do solo for the school year. But I'll invite some bloggers and my real life friends to help me on the podcasts. Anyways I spent the summer drawing some posters for the school and I wanna show them to you guys

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Saviors Of The Spiral Webshow!!

It looks like Amber Rosepetal from "A Savior Of A Spiral" and Mary Dreamshade from "Pie Loving Necromancer" have teamed up to create a webshow named. The Saviors Of The Spiral, which sounds pretty awesome. Here is the official post from Ambers blog:

Okay guys the Webshow will be at!:

8:00 pm Eastern
7:00 pm Central
6:00 pm Mountain
5:00 pm Pacific
1:00 am England (WOAH CASSANDRA)

So... Be there to listen at:
Mary might have some mic problems but who cares.We can use the telephone :D
Well, i gotta go. Bye

-Cassandra Lifecaster

My Leaving Party!!

Okay I just announced yesterday that I was leaving and all of a sudden I was shocked to see that Amber RosePetal, Donna SpellThorn and Cassandra GriffinDreamer had organised a Surprise party for me!! I was completely unaware of this and they had told me that they were doing up Donna's house for her friends birthday party and that she wanted me to come visit her to just have a chat so I logged on in the game to meet up with her and was blown away with all these wizards there shouting surprise I literally went into shock and just couldn't believe that they did all this for me. And to top it all off SHE MADE A STATUE OF ME!!! I mean seriously a statue of me I actually faint because it looked spitting image of me!! (I should of taken a picture) Lol I was too busy enjoying myself to take some pictures it was that great. And everyone was giving toasts and I personally gave a toast giving thanks to all the wonderful people that had arrived and especially to them 3 who made this happened. It was truly a night to remember. So thank you guys for the great party it just shows what great friends you are :)

 Luckily I took some pictures in the after party of the party when it was just a few of us left :)
Its a shame that Marissa, couldn't of attended but oh well I had fun and I am sure everyone else did too.

-Cassandra Lifecaster

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Leaving Wizard101 When School Starts!!!

Possibly But Most Likely Leaving Wizard101 When school starts up :(. I don't want to leave but it looks like I have no choice. I am in my last year of school and ever since I started playing wizard101 my grades has dropped. I have a bunch of exams that I need to pass in order to get into college. And I am in a private school (I got in through a scolarship) And the pressure is really on. And my dad isn't pleased with my grades at the momment. :( So its either get into college and get a job and be successful or sit around and play wizard101 all day. I love playing wizard101 but Its just too much of a distraction and I wish there was another way but there isn't. But when I get half term holidays I will be playing. As for the blog I am thinking of leaving it fully to Marissa as I won't be really posting. But hopefully she will still let me post when I have some free time.

-Cassandra Lifecaster

Monday, August 09, 2010

sorry for no posting :/

hey guys marissy here :P sry we havent done anything no posts or webcasts I'll tell you my excuse- i use my dad's laptop to do the webcasts but the laptop broke so i wont be doing any webcasts for a while and also the second one is for no posting is well because I'm lazy lol cassandry's reason well she's busy with real life stuff so yah :P we're like SUPER behind on blogging :P well cya :P  (I'm in a :P mood XD)

~Marissy Petal~