Monday, June 28, 2010


According to my sources Celestia, will be launched into the test realm this week! I am not sure if this is true or not as it hasn't been confirmed by wizard101 itself but it as been annnounced by one of their employees so cross your fingers and pray that its right. So that means......




Oh wait I am already telling people DOH!


Wait won't their be a huge load, Oh stop thinking of negatives ITS HERE!


-Cassandra Lifecaster

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Epic Fail! Not! More Like Epic Pet!

Woo I have been playing those pet games non stop all week and It has finally worked off because my pet Charile, Is FINALLY EPIC!!!!!! Woot no more training also I have maxed all his stats and I must say he is pretty darn good I took some snaps to show you guys :D
Now to go test him out in the pet derby if I can ever get a match that is. I have only met one other epic pet but hopefully I will see more shortly I am just happy that he doesn't have to go under anymore training :D

-Cassandra lifecaster                                                                                            

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Harry Potter WEBCAS!!

The Harry Potter Webcast! Was quite a good one we had an epic fail on the first attempt with my internet acting up as always but when we did a second attempt it worked out wonders it was great. I think everybody enjoyed themseleves I know I did. We kept getting a little bit of topic then coming on topic it was fun. We had Mary Dreamshad, Amber Rosepetal and David Titanrider on the show and it was great. If I could change anything I wouldnt it was just perfect. I felt bad for David, though he never did get to go to Narnia, in the end :( Anyways for the folks that missed it don't worry it's waiting for you at our livestream page :)

-Cassandra Lifecaster

Webcast 5 Live Sunday!

Since Marissa, doesn't like Harry Potter, I have no clue why but since she doesn't like it we are going to do webcast 5 tomorrow so she won't feel left out.


Central: 2pm
Eastern: 3pm
England: 8pm
Pacific: 4pm

-Cassandra Lifecaster

Friday, June 25, 2010

Webcast 4 Live!

Webcast 4 will be going live on Saturday! This webcast won't be like any other webcast as we have a very Potterific surprize Muahahaha!! Be sure to check it out at at:

Central: 4pm
Eastern: 5pm
England: 10pm
Pacific: 2pm

-Cassandra Lifecaster

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Sorry, I haven't posted or been on guys it's just that I have gotten into trouble with my parents.

It's quite a funny story actually you see last week we went to the supermarket to buy some more groceries and I stayed in the car because I knew what my mum and dad were like at food shopping, anyways while in the car I realized that I still had my guitar in the backseat so I decided to go put in the boot to make more room in the back. By the way our car is weird its one of them cars with a key sensor so it doesn’t actually have a key for it basically all you have to do is press the start and stop button to get the car to start! We have child lock in the back so I pressed this button that I had seen my dad press before and thought it would open it which it did. So I climbed into the back open the door and got my guitar out. I closed the door behind me and well I went to the boot and it wouldn’t open so I decided to go get the key sensor to go open it and that’s when I realised that I accidently locked us out of the car. Turns out the button I had pressed, was the button to lock the car but I didn't know this until after I did this. So I waited for my parents to return to the car to give me enough time to think of an alibi. In the car were the house keys, my mum’s bag and my dad’s phone. Luckily I had my phone on me so we could ring a taxi but I have to say it was a great ride home unless you like being shouted at gazillions times!

When we got home I had to climb through a gap in our gate luckily I could fit (we have electric gates) and try and find an open window. My mum left the utility's window open but this window is really small it’s like one of them small windows you have in your bathrooms. My dad was really angry with me so he literally just shoved me through it even though I was choking to death and I managed to get in and get the spare set of car key and house keys.

My mum was furious at me but my dad was more than furious and took my laptop away!!! And is refusing to give me it back so, that’s why I haven't been on in a while. Oh and to top it all off I HAVE A CHEST INFECTION!! Which my mother gladly gave me -_-!!! So yeah I have had to go to the doctors and you think that’s bad I HAVE MISSED 2 MATHS GCSE EXAMS! Because of this stupid chest infection which I still have now so I have had to have the whole week off school so far because of it. And I have to take a retake of the 3 hour tests I missed in NOVEMBER!! So I am not a happy bunny and I am behind on my Art and English coursework because I haven't been feeling well and I haven't got a laptop to do them on. Also I only have 3 weeks left of school! Which is really good :D because then its SUMMER time :D:D

Oh and before I forget my dad is going away to work on Thursday, so hopefully I will get my laptop back then and the only reason I am able to tell you all this is because I said to my mum could I quickly go on her computer to check my emails which wasn't a lie I actually just did want to check my emails but then I thought wait a minute I will check out how the blog is going.

See you guys soon if I ever recover from this illness.

-Cassandra Lifecaster

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sorry!..... again :/

Hey guys! Ya sorry we didn't do the webcast yesterday. I haven't heard a word from Cassandry for a while and I didn't wanna go solo again. So ya after Cassandry is back we'll be back on track! Also, how's yer summer going? IK that my summer iz goin gr8t! So um ya I'll cya around :D?

~Marissa Petal~

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Webcast 3 Live Today!!

Check out webcast 3 which will be live today. I will be flying it solo as Marissa, cannot get access to her mic at the moment. But don't worry I promise it will be great :D as I have a lot guest stars appearing on the show to make it fun. We also have a few competitions with great prize give aways!


2pm Central (Today)!!
3pm Eastern
12pm Pacific
8pm GMT

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Sorry guys I am not going to be posting for quite a while due to my exams coming up next and week after that. My mum and dad said that I need to focus on my studies as I have been distracted by wizard101 so basically when my exams are all done I will be back and up and posting in no time. So I won't be posting for a week or 2 because I have to revise as I have to get really good grades on these exams because they are my GCSE's and the only way I can get into college is to have really Good GCSE's and If I don't get good GCSE's I can kiss my graphics career goodbye.

I will be back before you know it!

P.S Webcast 3 is still on the go ahead on Sunday at 2pm Central Time :) Also I will be running it alone as my co-host won't be present but don't worry I have quite a lot of guest stars.

-Cassandra Lifecaster

Monday, June 07, 2010

Second Webshow

Okay so It's my turn to write about what happened on todays show. I wasn't present for the frirst half  of the show as I had to do other things that had to come first but the half I was on was extremely entertaining and fun excluding a few minor technical difficulties it was a good webshow. We had a lot of guest stars on our webshow who stayed and chatted with us like Stephen Spiritcaller (ravenwood radio), Robert DragonHeart (rogue sorcerer), Amber Rosepetal (saviour of the spiral) and Mary Dreamshade (pie loving necromancer). We discussed pet drops, farming, pet features and other game related stuff. Also we have a new segmant called ..... (they haven't decieded on a name yet) but it is hosted by Mary Dreamshade and Amber Rosepetal as they have joined forces to create a comic voiceover story. Each week they will tell a chapter of their book which consists of many adventures. Also Robert DragonHeart, has created a competition where he gives you a few lines of lyrics from a song and you have to guess which song is it and who sings it and whoever gets the correct answer first wins 5,000 crowns which is completely SWEET!!! Anyways there is a bunch more stuff that happened but if I had to type them all out I would be here all week so if you missed it don't worry you can catch up with it on our livestream page here: (it will be in our video libary located at the bottom of the page you will see when you get there)

-Cassandra Lifecaster

Saturday, June 05, 2010

New Blog- The Pyromancer Of Ravenwood

Ok, you guys remember Chris? Right? Right? Well he made a blog called The Pyromancer Of Ravenwood.
Well if there's a problem with the google follow just have the link right there to check it out and also he is trying hard so give him a break ok his site is-

~Marissa Petal~

Second Comedy Theurgists Webcast- Marissa's Takeover

Hey guys! Marissa here! Second webcast WOOHOO! Since Cassandry can't make it I'm gunna takeover! :D and with my co-host Mary Dreamshade AKA The Pie Loving Necromancer. I will make it enjoyable and fun. There will be music, laughs, fun, pranks and so much more so don't miss it it will be on Sunday June 6, 2010 time- 3:00PM EASTERN TIME

Remember I'm still the moderator and I a toughy XD
The link is

CYA there! :D

~Marissa Petal~

Friday, June 04, 2010

Teacher Of The Month!

Lydia Greyrose

Lydia, is a cheerful and kind person she loves connecting with her fellow students. She loves the chilling tingles when a small beautiful snowflake falls on her face. She finds that even though Ice is cold in reality but it warms her heart deep down inside. She absaloutly adores knitting and cookies. She loves to help around and do her bit towards the community and loves to help new students find there way. She isn't trained in combat greatly but she is trained in combat and shielding. Her favourite spell is Tower shield as it can block any spell from any school. She maybe one of the oldest teachers here at Ravenwood but she is the kindest and helpfull one at Ravenwood alongside MooLinda. Her creativity and her icewizardness makes her a perfect candidate for being teacher of the month.

So all you Ice out there better get your gloves and scarfs and prepare for battle to defend the spiral! This is your month praise the ICE!!! :)


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

New Wizard101 Blog-The Quiet Diviner

Ok, my BFF in the game Hannah Storm made a blog called The Quiet Diviner. the link is- trust me she is really quiet when you meet her personally. Now she is just a beginner so just please be nice to her she is really sensitive. Lets say its kinda hard for her to understand things sometimes she is not mentally sick no she is just unique like all the rest, So go and check out her blog,

~Marissa Petal~