Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Test Realm Opening Soon For Pet Park :D

Hi guys! Marissa here and I checked out the Wizard101 website and I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE TEST REALM TO OPEN! It will be awesome for my pets and also your pets to play and compete in Pet Park, and also create a really rare pet and also my favorite to let your pets free in your castle or land. I am really excited I am going to buy a million pets and have them running around my Marleybone house :D and as always Cassandra and I would like to thank you guys for following our blog and a few people from the Ravennwod radio after party said that this blog is really in progress. So we would like to thank you once again for helping us and thanks for following us on youtube and twitter and facebook you guys rock!

:D I can't wait until the test realm opens to check it out and I can't wait until this upgrade will be in the live realm so cya!

~Marissa Petal~

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mischief's Mischievous Adventures

Okay, Its Cassandra here. Sorry I havent posted the next page yet its just I havent hardly had any time to finish it due to homework -.- Seriously its like our teachers just want us to do homework everyday at everytime we hardly get to have social life. So sorry for delay but I will be posting it later this weekend :) I promise.

- Cassanra A.K.A Mischief

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Life Of Marissa Petal Title Page

Hey guys! Marissa here to launch the title page of the first issue I might do pages with one picture idk I have to see so yea I hope you guys enjoy it :D

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hey guys! Cassandra and I would like to say Happy Earth Day to you guys and we would like to thank you guys for helping Comedy Theurgists become an Offical Wizard101 Fansite we both luv ya you guys are awesome fans!
Now we hope you guys take great care of what we call PLANET EARTH
So yea plant a tree, reduce, reuse, recycle. Plant a hobo if it seems like a plant XD

~Marissa Petal~

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Favorite School And Spell Of The Month

Congrats Fire School was the most picked school and the favorite spell is Helephant a lvl 42 spell

- Marissa Petal -

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Wizard101 the game will be offline tonight from 3am to 7am Central US Time.

During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game, and active players will be prompted to log out. Our website will also experience interruptions in service during this downtime.

Updates are not being made to the game during this maintenance window.

-Cassandra LifeCaster A.K.A Mischief


Hello fellow wizards! Its Cassandra, here just giving you a heads up that I might only be allowed to post on weekends depends on how busy I am. Because of stinking school and homework and coursework to complete sorry that they have to come first -.- Lol anyways don't worry guys I am all yours at the weekend School can't stop ME!!!! MUAHAHAHA

-Cassandra Lifecaster A.K.A Mischief

Sorry Guys!

Hey guys its Marissa sorry I wasn't able to start with my comic yet. I have been busy with things lately I'll try to get it up soon ENJOY THE BLOG!

~Marissa Petal~

Friday, April 16, 2010

First Comic Of Life Of Marissa Petal

Ok, like on Saturdays I will try to post Life Of Marissa Petal Comics so yeah I bet you can't wait xP your jumping in your room saying YYAAAAAYYYY! XD

~Marissa Petal~

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Page 1

(Click for enlargement)
Okay so far Mischief has been found lurking around the commons terrorising and pulling pranks on wizards. She has been summond by the Death Tree in Nightside by Lady Oriel who is apprentlty working for Malistaire, Didnt expect that one! Mischeif travelled to Nightside where it has been taken over by Malistaire followers and thanks to Mischief we know the seceret password for the entry. Next we have found mischief speaking to the Death tree about a letter that Malistaire has sent Mischief. What is the letter, what has he wrote. Only way to find out is to read Mondays Comic.

- Cassandra A.K.A Mischief

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yay!! Its Here at last :D :D

Yay its here at last! 'Mischief's Mischevious Adventures' The launch Is here and we will be posting the first page tomorrow! The first adventure is called 'The Deadly Deal' which sounds very exciting yet mysterious!! I wonder what Mischief has been up to this time. I don't want to give anything away about It because It would be more intereasting to wait and see the first page but If you want to get to know mischeif more then click on the page named 'Mischief's Mischevious Adventures' which we will update everytime a new character comes along!!

We will post 1 page a week, we sneek an extra one In If we just cannot wait to release It. We will post the pages on the home section of the blog which Is here as we have decided to make the page for the comic book just the biography part so If your new to the comic you will get a brief idea what Is happening and also tells you about the characters. We will also post the url's at the bottom of that page so If you missed a page you won't have to bother go through each post to try and find the page you want.

-Cassandra A.K.A Mischief

We Team Up For Life Postion

Okay well since me and Marissa want to be life teacher and we have nominated ourselfs for the election on we have both decided to team up and share the spot light since we are both life wizards and we both share this blog we have decided to join forces to become life teacher =P

-Cassandra A.K.A Mischeif

Coming Soon- Teacher Of The Week and What's the Favorite Spell From The School

Ok, Cass and I were thinking of going into Ravenwood and asking students which teacher do they like the most then we ask them what is their favorite spell from the teacher mostly favorited.

~Marissa Petal~


Okay, basically I have had a good brainstorm for 'Mischeif's Mischevious Adventures'. I have decided to make It Into a comic book as I think It would be more intereasting and better in every way. So me and Marissa have decided to scratch the whole idea of making videos of Mischeif's Adventures we now instead are going to make a comic of her adventures which we will be launching the first issue in a couple of days.

We will post 2 pages a week, and occasionally may add a video.

-Cassandra A.K.A Mischeif :P

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2nd Day :D Woot Woot

Okay, so It's our second day of the launch of the blog. We have so much too do and add still which will be very exciting. This week we are going to launch our very first episode of 'Mischiefs Mischevious Adventures" which will be bundles of fun! We also would like to say please follow us and tell all of your friends.

We are also currently thinking about doing an interview page which we will like to ask famous bloggers to have a few mintues with us to answer a few questions.

Oh and before I forget we have submitted our blog to be posted on page. We have recently got an email from them saying they will review our blog! So hopefully we maybe there soon thats if all goes well at least and If It does It would a great honor to be linked with them.

So stay tuned for more.

Post by Cassandra LifeCaster

The Great Battle! Pies Vs Cupcakes

A long time ago two families had a feud on which Is better Cupcakes or Pies? The war has passed down through the families generations. Two friends have recently found out they are next In line for battle. Their names are Cassandra Lifecaster & Marissa Petal. The two friends have never fought but now! They prepare themselves for battle against eachother over Pies & Cupcakes. Who will win? Only you can decide!

Pies Vs Cupcakes

Let The Battle Commence!

Marissa: Cupcakes!
Cassandra: Pies!

Only You Can Choose! Enter Your Vote In The Poll & We Will See Who Will Be Having The Last Laugh!

Post by Cassandra Lifecaster

Grand Opening!!

Hello, We are ComedyTheurgists! Our names are Cassandra Lifcaster & Marissa Petal. We are a couple of kooky life wizards who just don't know when to quit with the fun.
We visit 'The Spiral' with our faithful pets Charlie & Cookie, daily pulling pranks, plotting schemes, finding the latest gossip and much more. Since we love making people laugh on Wizard101 we decided to blog about it.

This blog will include:

Evilness!! Muahahaha
& Pictures.

But It won't stop there! We also will have 'Mischief's Mischevious Adventures' Who Is an Evil cat named Mischeif, who runs around 'The Spiral' causing Mischief on her way. Oh and we cannot forget 'Life Of Marissa Petal' who will take you through her life and what & who she may bump into!

Also follow us on Twitter & Facebook as we will be posting contests and other exciting stuff on there as well as here!
P.S. Don't Forget To Subscribe & Be A Fan! You won't know what you will be missing!!

Post By Cassandra Lifecaster