Saturday, May 29, 2010

Name Change Competition!

Okay so basically I think the name ComedyTheurgists, is getting old so we have decied to change our name but we just don't know what to change it too. So we have decided to hold a competition!!

The Compeition will be held when we have the votes in to decide if we should get a name change or not!


  1. Aww, I like the Comedy Theurgists! But, if you guys are set on changing it, than I would be happy to enter the competition. How do we send you our entries? Also, I just finished editing the interview. Sounds great ;-)

  2. :D I can't wait to listen to it! You post your entry on here so what you think is the best name for our blog you post it on here.

  3. I still like Comedy Theurgists I: Could you make a poll for the readers to decide?


  4. Keep Comedy Theurgists, I like a lot.

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