Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Ain't A Slacker

Ok, people have been telling me I have been slacking off. -cough, MARY, cough cough- Ok listen, people have been telling me Cass is doing all the work. I was the one who made the Youtube, and Twitter. Cass is awesome at editing pictures, I'm great at editing videos. Right now Cass and I are doing Final Exams. It's almost summer time and Cass and I gotta study. You may not have finals because your too young or your already an adult. Well Cass is starting a new chapter in her life, while I am still in one of my own. So will you people please wait for more things in the summer. Cass and I are trying our best to keep the site running and replying all your comments and  questions. Also, people say that I need to upgrade Life Of Marissa Petal -cough, MARY, AGAIN, cough cough- Look I'm not great at making comics Cass is but I'm not going to make Cass make comics for me. I know she is busy and I don't want her to have a new thing on her plate. I am going to do videos of the comics and post it up on Youtube. There be adventure, drama, romance, many more to come *My mind: I have no idea how many more to come -.-* Ok? so chill I am trying my best Cass and I are going to be in allot of interviews and I still need fixing on my headset... *My mind: END THIS POST ALREADY!!* OK? So I'll cya later

-is bout to say something but a little bomb explodes and my face, a bit of my hair and half of my clothes get covered in dust-

-cough cough- ok bye -cough-

~Marissa Petal~


  1. LOL HEY! :P Sorry I just like this blog so much and I only see a few posts by you lol btw sorry :P

  2. I just discovered y'all and I am sucked in as in IT'S AWESOME! :D So thanks for being so awesome and funnyyyy and stuffffs... Ok well you're lucky and sound like me in my head :) Ok my new Wizard101 role models byee! :D