Friday, June 04, 2010

Teacher Of The Month!

Lydia Greyrose

Lydia, is a cheerful and kind person she loves connecting with her fellow students. She loves the chilling tingles when a small beautiful snowflake falls on her face. She finds that even though Ice is cold in reality but it warms her heart deep down inside. She absaloutly adores knitting and cookies. She loves to help around and do her bit towards the community and loves to help new students find there way. She isn't trained in combat greatly but she is trained in combat and shielding. Her favourite spell is Tower shield as it can block any spell from any school. She maybe one of the oldest teachers here at Ravenwood but she is the kindest and helpfull one at Ravenwood alongside MooLinda. Her creativity and her icewizardness makes her a perfect candidate for being teacher of the month.

So all you Ice out there better get your gloves and scarfs and prepare for battle to defend the spiral! This is your month praise the ICE!!! :)



  1. Cassandra, I'm trying to find your wizard's last name but I can't. Could you let me know so I can put it on my blog?

  2. @Blaze, Yeah sure It's Cassandra Lifecaster :D