The Comidians

Cassandra Lifecaster

Cassanra, was born In Mooshu, In Jade Palace not far from the Kings temple. She was born youngest of 4 and found It hard to live up to her brothers & sisters. Her parents were tremendous leaders of war. Her mother was a balance wizard and her father was a storm wizard together they was unbeatable! They battled armies of dragons and Ice giants. They were truly Masters of War.They were known greatly In Mooshu Infact the King made a statue In their honor. Cassandra's brothers and sisters were either balance or storm wizards.
When Cassandra, was born her parents notice something strange about her when they signed her up for combat training. Each time Cassandra got In to a battle she always seemed to befriend her opponents and heal them when hurt by others. Her parents got worried about Cassandra and didn't know what to do with her, they thought the Great Goat Monks of Kishibe Village would figure it out. Cassandra travelled to Kishibe Village hoping to find her answer to what she Is. The Great Goat Monks tried to train her In combat but saddly had no luck as she didn't want to harm her opponants. One day one of the Monks was visited by an elder In his sleep which told him the answer to what Cassandra Is. The next day the Monk encouraged Cassandra to travel to Wizard City to enroll In Ravenwood School Of Magical Arts to speak to Moo Linda, as she will tell Cassandra who and what exactly she Is.

Moo Linda trained Cassandra In craft of Healing. This Is where she learned to heal others this Is where she discovered she was a life wizard. Cassandra stayed at Ravenwood for 2 years as It was time to graduate and leave for home. Cassandra kept In touch with her family by writing letters If thats what you was wondering. When Cassandra returned home from Ravenwood she discovered a terrible thing. Her parents had been killed In combat against a most truely powerful wizard and his army of monsters. She discovered that he was too powerful and his army was too strong for just 2 wizards to handle. In anger Cassandra returned to the Monks and requested combat training and promised to fight in combat. The great monks trained Cassandra for many years till she became a GrandMaster Life. Cassandra vowed to hunt down this powerful wizard named Malistaire and gain her revenge for the death of her parents.

Marissa Petal

A long time ago a king master balance (Cameron Redcaster) and a queen adept life(Maria Day) got married and had triplets. Marissa Petal (Princess Of Life), Marissa Skullflower (Princess Of Death), and Marissa Iceflower (Princess Of Ice). The royal family lived in Mooshu where the 3 princesses grew up their real birthplace was Wizard City. When Marissa Petal was 5 years old she learned by herself healings and the King and Queen decided to put her in the Life school.
2 years later after Marissa Petal started training, Marissa Skullflower got interested of a skull and she chose the school of Death. 4 years after Skullflower started training Iceflower loved the winters and freezing things so they declared her in the Ice school.

The 3 sisters worked together hard and they al had hope in each other. But one day their mother disappeared and the 3 sisters went out looking for her but Maria was no where to be found. Then one day when the girls were at their father's house they saw a woman there. Skullflower already knew that this woman is going to be our new step mother (Scarlet Shadowwhisper). While Petal and Iceflower just waited to see if it's true.

A few years later Petal graduated from Ravenwood Schools Of Magical Arts. She knew it was time to explore and learn more wisdom. Until one day while visiting Marleybone she fell in love with a fire wizard named Chris. After that while Skullflower was still in her studies with fell in love with Gavin Dreambreaker.
While Iceflower thinks love is silly.After when Petal got ma4 strong wizards.Chase Strongblade, Lindsey Breeze, Kaitlyn Dragonflame and Sabrina.

Now Petal has finished DS with Chris and now the couple are Grandmasters.With the strong couple together they are unstoppable.Skullbreaker also graduated too but she continues to learn death spells by herself in the Nightside. While poor Iceflower is still attending Ravenwood they the 3 princesses keep on training to see what is in store among the paths of Wisdom, Sacrfices, and Strength.