Saturday, May 22, 2010

Central Help o:

Ok, I offically stink in Wizard101 Central. Idk how to change my user name, idk how to get in pvp so I won't be a novice CAN ANYBODY HELP MEH PLEASE!?!!!!!! O: also can ya add me in central? my user is plugachuchi (yea I'm weird like that)

~Marissa Petal~


  1. Okay so go to bar along the top, click on "store". See the bar over the stuff you can buy with forum gold? Go to the end and click on the ">>" to get a little drop down menu, click on "member upgrades". Then you can buy your name change with 200 forum gold.

    (If you don't have that much, look on the left hand side of your screen, under your avatar there's a button that says "purchase more". clicky clicky.)


  2. I just added you on Central :D I'm John Lifeglen from Through the Eyes of a Sorcerer and my central name is SillyStud (don't ask). Oh and to rank up from Novice, you don't do PvP, you post. The number of posts you have determines rank. it takes like 2000posts to get to grandmaster >_<

  3. i can help you with w101 central
    you can add me
    my member is moneeb

    you need enable private messenges in options and i will show what to do
    and ask your questions

  4. I also need help too mine name is Carla on central.