Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Drawing Comedy Theurgist!

Heya! Marissy here! Ok i bet you guys probably hate meh that I missed cassandry's leaving party :( I had NO idea I got addicted to youtube and all that stuff. :( I guess I'll have to do solo for the school year. But I'll invite some bloggers and my real life friends to help me on the podcasts. Anyways I spent the summer drawing some posters for the school and I wanna show them to you guys


  1. Wow! Those are awesome! You're an amazing artist, Marissa! I like the life, death,and ice ones the best.

  2. Nice drawings Marissa! When you become an actress are you going to keep singing and drawing?

  3. awesome! your a AMZING ARTIST! i try my best i drawing they come out pretty awesome lolz!!

    i love the balance and the storm snake i love the snakes tail how its wrapped around itself so neatly!!!!