Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Time Fun!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while I have been getting time away from my computer so I can spend more time with my friends and family in the sun SINCE THIS IS THE HOTTEST AND BEST SUMMER EVER BECAUSE IT IS ALWAYS RAINING IN ENGLAND!! So yeah I am taking advantage and have been going to the beach and pool every single day this week its been a blast!! I actually can't believe this weather we are having I am not used to it BUT I LOVE IT. So yeah I can't really say anything about wizard101 because I havent been on and I have been busy.

GUESS WHAT???!!! Okay last week at my school we had to do work experience (its when you miss school for 2 weeks to go work somewhere for free) basically it stinks well mine stinks. Me and my friend Michelle (real friend) chose to work at this riding stables and let me tell you it was torture!!

We had to work 10 hours a day and within that 10 hours all we had was a half an hour lunch (no breaks in between just that lunch) and we was suppost to learn stuff but we didnt learn anything I mean I already knew how to do laundry and sweap!! Oh yeah SHE MADE US DO HER LAUNDRY!! I was like EWWWWWWWWW I am not touching that. Yeah so we had to go poo picking in the fields, clean the stables (which I didnt mind), groom horses (which I loved) and tack up ( which I didnt also mind) but my friend michelle didn't know anything she didnt even know how to groom horses and instead of them teaching her I HAD TO! which was so wrong because they are the ones suppost to be teaching us! Anyways they also made us do this muck heap ( its where all the poo and other stuff is all dumped and we had to take it all down and make a new pile and it was like 15 ft high and 20 ft wide IT took us 5 houts to do it) and WE DONT EVEN GET PAID EITHER! so we wasnt happy and everyday I came home I just slept through the whole night without any tea or anything I wasn't pleased and niether was my parents.

The next day me and my friend just decided to rebel against it because its like Child Labour!! Slavery Much!! and also all the people their are massive SNOBS I thought they would be nice but they are horrible and ALSO I GOT BIT BY A HORSE!! Ya I was giving a leg up to this chubby kid and the horse went mental when he got on his back and BIT ME! And It really hurt I still got the bruise now its massive it looks like I have been bitten by a vampire which is really cool but painful AND they didn't even care that I got bit they was like Oh stop being a moaner and suck it up JEESH! And when we was doing lead reins My friend got bit by a horse on her hand also and she told the instructor and he didnt even care. They all kept looking down at us like they were mroe supperior and it was horrible they treated us like a piece of muck and I was like HEY! I am not getting paid to do this and we deserve so more respect. So then My mum and dad didn't want me to go back their so I got the over week off it was sweet!!! So anyways sorry for the long post and late post hehe. I will try to make the webshow tomorrow depends what we are doing but I am sure I can make it!!


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