Saturday, July 10, 2010

Marissa's Unicorn Fever

Hai guys! Marissy here sorry I haven't posted in a while :/ anyways xP well today they launched like the things from the test realm. But where is Celestia? o: there was no Celestia in the test realm and not in the live. Man when they say its a far away world they ain't kidding probably ya need to ride a flying unicorn over there. And speaking of unicorns I am DYING for one o: I know I know its called a Dream Filly but to me I just call it a unicorn. Anyways yea today it was HARD to get on Wizard101. I too me 2 HOURS. watch-

*Marissa logs on to Wizard101 and the log in page loading takes a while*
*Game gets in but says "Connecting to Wizard101..*
*Marissa tries again but says "Connecting to sever.."*
*Marissa finally gets on*
*Temporary shut down*
Marissa: AWW COME ON!
*2 hours trying to log on*
*Marissa logs in*
Marissa: FINALLY
*Marissa sees a unicorn*

Yea.... I went hyper :P and also I was working on a new wizard I made (not gonna tell her name yet *wink wink*) and I saw this satyr dancing in Unicorn Way so I saw there was no Life student around and I was like o: so after that I called my online sisy (its what my sister and I call each other o:) and we took a picture I'll post it up later but I'm hiding my new wizard's name for a limited time. (Lets hope its limited time o:)
Also The Quiet Diviner AKA Hannah Storm and I will be helping each other.
For example- she gossips with me everytime -.-
and another example- I'll send pictures to her of Celestia so she can post it on her blog.
and YES she is a non-member -.- she was only a member half a month because the first half either of us didn't knew and also sorry that we didn't do the webcast last week. I haven't contacted Cass ever since the last webcast we had. And lets say I said somrthing which shocked Cass and Amber and left with pride XD
But if I don't hear anything from her tomorrow I promise I'll do another one of my takeovers :P and YES there won't be echoes it was a mistake gosh bleh >.< this is ONE LLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG post. :P also I posted up a new video on our Youtube check it out also I'm planning to post up like random videos random funny videos with cass and I and some of Cass's friends and some of my friends and some of the bloggers o and also I got a satyr WOOT! her name is Miss Cookie yea yea a weird name for a satyr :P o I bet that most people named their unicorns charlie the unicorn XD it would be awesome like if we actually named our mounts and they would have a tag also it would be cool for a mb car mount o: like 4 people riding a mb car mount cruising around the spiral XD well I gtg now BYE

~Marissa Petal~

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