Saturday, June 05, 2010

Second Comedy Theurgists Webcast- Marissa's Takeover

Hey guys! Marissa here! Second webcast WOOHOO! Since Cassandry can't make it I'm gunna takeover! :D and with my co-host Mary Dreamshade AKA The Pie Loving Necromancer. I will make it enjoyable and fun. There will be music, laughs, fun, pranks and so much more so don't miss it it will be on Sunday June 6, 2010 time- 3:00PM EASTERN TIME

Remember I'm still the moderator and I a toughy XD
The link is

CYA there! :D

~Marissa Petal~

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  1. Aren't Mary and I doing that one story segment thing? But remember the "Thats what you get for not listening" Segment? Lolz, I'll shut up now.