Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Marissa's Birthday Bash Thanks

Ok, I would like to thank you guys for coming to my party. If your wondering which house I live I offically have 2 houses now. My Marleybone house and my new life house. If you missed the party sry but I was caught up in a cuckooness that I forgot to take pictures or videos. But lets say, everybody was pushing each other in the pool and attacking each other I: but it was still funny. :D If ya missed my party wished you could've come. But there will be more parties I'll throw soon in my new life house *my mind: After I decorate it -.-*
So I wanna introduce you guys some great friends of mines. Their names are Zachary Firebreaker and Cody Sandriver they do wizard101 music videos if you wanna check them out search on youtube MrSkittles626 and also I have another friend named Steven Hawkspear, you can find his youtube on Wizard101NewsCentral. Also if ya wanna meet them let me know I'm sure they won't mind CYA! :D

~Marissa Petal~


  1. Sorry that I couldn't attend the party. Marissa happy birthday. Hope you have a great year.

  2. Sorry I wasn't there either Marissa, because of the time change and having school the next day like 7pm your time is 3am for me and with me having school I cannot stay up that late so thats why I wasn't there but I wish I was :( :'(


  3. Yeah, that's what messed me up; time zones. they really should have a set time of day for everyone to use just on Wizard 101. That way we wouldn't get messed up, and there could be different times of the day in Wizard City (I got this from club penguin and NO I'm not a member; my friend plays it.)

  4. I used to play Club Penguin but it got boring for me -.- ~Marissa~

  5. if you dont mind i was wondering if i could meet ya on w101?