Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hai Marissy here! So err yea sry for no posting :/ and also my dad got his laptop back but his internet box crashed so no podcasts for a while. When he gets internet I promise I'll do a podcast the minute that I hear the internet is back up. Also since The Quiet Diviner aka Hannah Storm has a youtube and she made a new show. Guess who's one of the actors and actresses on her show. Yup your lookin at her XD I play myself so :P also I have taken a BILLION pictures of me in Crab Alley.
so uh yea I'm gonna go to Burger King so cya
~Marissy Petal~

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Selena Gomez has come to the Spiral

Hey guys! Marissy here, yea yea I'm sry for no posts :P I have been busy trying to get a boy I have my eyes on irl :) hehe XD
So um Sel came to the test reaolm so the other night I went to save her I suggest they should put some mordern songs into the game instead of almost everybody muting their game and go to youtube and all that.
I copy and pasted this from Hannah's blog (with permission)
Selena Gomez & The Scene here -
I need your help in Wizard101!
In late September, Halston Balestrom
will have the quest "Round & Round"
for all Wizards level 6 or higher.
Watch this video to hear about
the quest and my new album
"A Year Without Rain" featuring
the songs Round & Round and A Year
Without Rain available everywhere
Sept. 21st. Be sure to check out
the YouTube and iTunes links below,
and enter the contest to win
a poster signed by me!
See you in the Spiral!
"Help me! I don’t know who you are, but you’re my only hope!"

Do you want to help me find my way in Wizard101? Here is more information about the quest created just for me, Selena Gomez!

Make sure you are at least level 6 in Wizard101 before you begin your adventure. You've got some time to get to level 6 before my quest is available on the Live Game in late September.

Follow the advice of my friends to find out how you can help! Remember there is a limited time to complete these quests, and then they will be gone from the Spiral forever!

Step 1:You must reach level 6 before you can help!

Step 2:I'm Professor Halston Balestrom, the Storm School teacher.
As soon as you're level 6 or more, come see me in Ravenwood, there's a most urgent matter for which I require your assistance.

Srep 3:I'm Harold Argleston, the Wizard City Librarian.
After you've spoken to Halston Balestrom, he will send you to see me in the Ravenwood Commons Library. I can tell you more about Crab Alley!

Discover the rest of the story!:That's all the help I can give you, the rest you must discover for yourself! Remember, you can help me after you're level 6, and after this quest is available in the Live Game in late September! See you in the Spiral!

Quest rewards:As a thank you for helping me with my adventures in the Spiral, this quest will reward you with two housing items! One is a portrait to hang on your wall, and the other is a statue!
Both of these items can only be obtained through the completion of my quest, and the quest won't be in the Spiral forever so hurry and finish these quests on the Live game when they are released in late September!
Hannah won't be happy when she finds out that the crabs put Sel in the Ice School XD
btw the dancing crabs....... CREEPY
I'm trying to crop the picture I took of me and Sel dancing with the crabs behind us only my computer is being messed up cya! ~Marissy Petal~