Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Joke, A Laugh, A Hope, The Wildlife.

Ok, if you people may have heard that there is a oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico. It's almost by my state Florida. Anyways, poor animals have been in the oil spill. Poor ducks, sea turtles, and others. As you may need to know I care for the wildlife. I love animals. So I am doing to do a little foundation. Send me a joke or something funny, a funny story for example. Those jokes and stories you will send me will help. I have $20 dollars, every funny joke or story you send to me is a dollar or two to help the wildlife. Also if you have heard of that soap Dawn? Well they said that they use Dawn to clean the animals. You can go to Publix or Winn Dixie and buy Dawn the types that says "Save The Wildlife". I will put the jokes and stories on Youtube. Also, please please please pray to God to help the animals, and hope that the oil spill will be gone before it spreads and gets worse. I know I sound desparate, which I am kinda, I really love wildlife, I love animals. Please send me your joke like on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. Please help the wildlife and hope that the wildlife is in your prayers.

~Marissa Petal~


  1. I'm going to ask my mom to buy some Dawn, I hope even this small contribution will help. Also, I will definitely be praying for this and I will ask my church and my friends at school to be praying as well.

  2. Marissa: Thanks allot I feel really bad for the poor animals

  3. Yes i care about the wildlife(Even though i'm fire)I LOVE ANIMALS, I LOVE NATURE, I LOVE THE WORLD! and Fire :P

    Ok I Dunnu whi yo need jukes to thes but ill try to thank of somethang for tha sake of tha Wildlife:

    If A person tells you suddenly that he Doesn't know what your talking about, of course you say "HUH" eventually you will say what are you talking about, he says: that i don't know what your talking about. But your not talking about anything he's talking about cause your not talking about it. And then the reader says, What the heck is he talking about?

  4. Ok Here is a joke Marissa :D

    Ok so there are three guys at the gate of heaven right? So heaven is full so they're waiting outside. So they wont get bored, they tell each other how they died. The first guy says "Well one day I thought my wife was cheating on me so I went home from work early that day and when I got there, I saw a man trying to get up my balcony! So I go up to him and start kicking him but he wont let go. So I get my hammer and start pounding his hands with it, which makes him let go. So he landed on a bush, still yet alive. So I get my refrigerator, slightly heavier than usual and throw it at him. So then I realize he was dead so I had a heart attack and I died" The other men nodded. Then the second guy tells his story, "Well one day I was walking in my apartment and I fell off the edge of my balcony. So I grab onto another one a few floors under me. So I am trying to climb up. Then I see a man, thinking that he was gonna help me up. But instead, he started kicking me! But I yet not let go. So he leaves and comes back with an iron hammer. He hits my hands with it and I fall but luckily I land in a bush and the next thing I knew, there was a fride that landed on me and squashed me to Death." The other men nod. The last of the guys starts his story. "Well um I was um in some strangers house looking for my um girlfriend so um I hear the door start opening and I jump into uh the person's fridge. And um the next thing I knew I was flying and got thrown on some guy in a bush and then I suffocated in there."

  5. Okay so this is another joke. I am near Florida and my school is also trying to help out the environment and the animals too.

    Ok so there is a very smart man and an idiot standing at a bus stop. The idiot goes up to the smart man and asks "Why, do you know what time it is?" The smart man looks at his watch and responds "It is 5:26 pm" Then the idiot exclaims "But why, that is not right! You are talking about numbers! Numbers have nothing to do with the time!" The other gentleman responds chuckling "But why yes it is. Time is divided in to 2 parts. Pm and Am. Each have 12 hours in it. It is contributed by when the sun does the brightest and-" He was cut off, "NOO! TIME IS DIVIDED IN 6 SECTIONS. MORNING, BREAKFAST, HALF DAY SNACK, FREE TIME, DINNER, AND NIGHT TIME! YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG SIR! AND PEOPLE CALL YOU THE SMART GUY!"