Thursday, May 06, 2010

Big Ben trouble!

Today was in MB on my awesome balance wizard101 (shes not really awesome) and Me and my friend was in Big Ben tower and we got to the floor where you have to press the symbol buttons and My friend could see the missing symbol but I couldn't and also there was frozen golems in there I was like WHAT!!! They arent surpost to be in here! And my friend was like Alexis there is nothing there now step on the ice symbol. I was like Um hello there isnt any. Then he said I need to get my eyes tested so this picture will explain everything! SO HA IN YOUR FACE CHRIS! (this proves I dont need an eye test)

Note: There was another golem behind my speech bubble :P and also there should be 8 trap doors not 6 so there was two missing after all. So Chris you owe me an apology you goof :P

- Cassandra A.K.A Alexis :D

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