Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yay!! Its Here at last :D :D

Yay its here at last! 'Mischief's Mischevious Adventures' The launch Is here and we will be posting the first page tomorrow! The first adventure is called 'The Deadly Deal' which sounds very exciting yet mysterious!! I wonder what Mischief has been up to this time. I don't want to give anything away about It because It would be more intereasting to wait and see the first page but If you want to get to know mischeif more then click on the page named 'Mischief's Mischevious Adventures' which we will update everytime a new character comes along!!

We will post 1 page a week, we sneek an extra one In If we just cannot wait to release It. We will post the pages on the home section of the blog which Is here as we have decided to make the page for the comic book just the biography part so If your new to the comic you will get a brief idea what Is happening and also tells you about the characters. We will also post the url's at the bottom of that page so If you missed a page you won't have to bother go through each post to try and find the page you want.

-Cassandra A.K.A Mischief


  1. Well, whaddya know? Two new comics opening up this week, it should be a blast for fiction fans as it is for the fan fiction~ The second that I refer to is currently set to private, but once I release either the third or fourth page (depending on which has the meat of the intro), then it'll be set to public. That said, I'll be looking forward to seeing what other talent we have out here :D

    Great work on the cover by the way, certainly an eye catcher!

  2. Thanks. Oh are you creating a comic as well it must be intereasting send me the link and we will read it. I am sure it would be really good :)

  3. Here we go, the first release of "Mistblood":

    Hope you enjoy it!