Thursday, April 15, 2010

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Okay so far Mischief has been found lurking around the commons terrorising and pulling pranks on wizards. She has been summond by the Death Tree in Nightside by Lady Oriel who is apprentlty working for Malistaire, Didnt expect that one! Mischeif travelled to Nightside where it has been taken over by Malistaire followers and thanks to Mischief we know the seceret password for the entry. Next we have found mischief speaking to the Death tree about a letter that Malistaire has sent Mischief. What is the letter, what has he wrote. Only way to find out is to read Mondays Comic.

- Cassandra A.K.A Mischief

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  1. Lady Oriel has connections with Malistaire, eh? Kind of clears the mystery of how she got wing mount before everyone else...