Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Test Realm Opening Soon For Pet Park :D

Hi guys! Marissa here and I checked out the Wizard101 website and I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE TEST REALM TO OPEN! It will be awesome for my pets and also your pets to play and compete in Pet Park, and also create a really rare pet and also my favorite to let your pets free in your castle or land. I am really excited I am going to buy a million pets and have them running around my Marleybone house :D and as always Cassandra and I would like to thank you guys for following our blog and a few people from the Ravennwod radio after party said that this blog is really in progress. So we would like to thank you once again for helping us and thanks for following us on youtube and twitter and facebook you guys rock!

:D I can't wait until the test realm opens to check it out and I can't wait until this upgrade will be in the live realm so cya!

~Marissa Petal~

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