Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grand Opening!!

Hello, We are ComedyTheurgists! Our names are Cassandra Lifcaster & Marissa Petal. We are a couple of kooky life wizards who just don't know when to quit with the fun.
We visit 'The Spiral' with our faithful pets Charlie & Cookie, daily pulling pranks, plotting schemes, finding the latest gossip and much more. Since we love making people laugh on Wizard101 we decided to blog about it.

This blog will include:

Evilness!! Muahahaha
& Pictures.

But It won't stop there! We also will have 'Mischief's Mischevious Adventures' Who Is an Evil cat named Mischeif, who runs around 'The Spiral' causing Mischief on her way. Oh and we cannot forget 'Life Of Marissa Petal' who will take you through her life and what & who she may bump into!

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Post By Cassandra Lifecaster