Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We Team Up For Life Postion

Okay well since me and Marissa want to be life teacher and we have nominated ourselfs for the election on we have both decided to team up and share the spot light since we are both life wizards and we both share this blog we have decided to join forces to become life teacher =P

-Cassandra A.K.A Mischeif


  1. Nice meeting you! Wish we could be friends though... I hope you guys can check out mine and Jessica's blog, The Duo of Death, sometime! We'll tell everyone!

  2. nice blog don't like the gossip part much lol cause usually it's bout me so yea The brave pyromancer wishes you luck on this contest and i not voting cause than i feel bad lol.

  3. Thanks for the comments. Oh and we will check out your blog Jessica :) it sounds cool and when we say gossip we mean like wizard101 game news e.g. Updates, Offers, Maintance, Expansions. That kinda stuff :)