Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Great Battle! Pies Vs Cupcakes

A long time ago two families had a feud on which Is better Cupcakes or Pies? The war has passed down through the families generations. Two friends have recently found out they are next In line for battle. Their names are Cassandra Lifecaster & Marissa Petal. The two friends have never fought but now! They prepare themselves for battle against eachother over Pies & Cupcakes. Who will win? Only you can decide!

Pies Vs Cupcakes

Let The Battle Commence!

Marissa: Cupcakes!
Cassandra: Pies!

Only You Can Choose! Enter Your Vote In The Poll & We Will See Who Will Be Having The Last Laugh!

Post by Cassandra Lifecaster


  1. Hi,

    I like pie more than cup cakes
    Pie is so good in so many ways Sorry Marissa

    GO PIE

  2. Cupcakes are cute.
    And more tasty.
    Sorry Cassandra!


  3. o.o How can you say that! Pie is awesome! Cupcakes are very small and last about 5 minutes and a lot can give you a belly ache! PIE IS SUPER AWESOMENESS! GO PIE!

    -Mary Dreamshade aka anonymous from the first comment lol